Day 18 . Tik Toc and the Bohdi Tree

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Daily reflections by Ema and Elle ~

By Ema ~ I decided to try and make my first Tik Toc today. Elle has been trying to get me to do this app for sometime now and being a Fin Fun Ambassador for this year seems like a good time to get it started. I made a smoothie for lunch with dragon fruit from the land, starfruit from my goddaughters tree, and coconut water. We also had Amy’s Thai coconut soup. Simple, but so yummy.

We had hoped to get to the beach today, but the hours somehow slipped away, so we ended up staying on the land and had a little hike down to the Bohdi tree.

I was able to fix the swing, so Elle had fun playing on that. We also were making sure the path was clear for the land owner, as it is our job to watch over the land. There was a path, but nature is beginning to take it back. I will speak to the land crew upon their next return.

For dinner we had flour tortillas with ulu (breadfruit), zucchini and sprouts, with local avocado, topped with scallions. I made Elle’s version with beans and cheese. My belly is sensitive, so I cant do beans or cheese these days. I think my version actually may have been even better than a traditional taco.

Be sure to go and check out my first Tic Toc post and follow me too… @project.soleil

By Elle ~ today I woke up and feel back asleep, before later getting up. When I got up ema was trying to figure out tik tok so I helped her out as I’ve been doing it since I was like 8. I helped her and we did that before I went to start our breakfast. I started cutting fruit, I ended up cutting to much, but it was because every time I thought I was done I would find something else I wanted to cut up, so we ended up with a lot of fruit. Then ema helped me with the honey and she put it in our yogurt to make it yummy, she also put in our peace lilikoi syrup to make it sweet. I got to try a piece of honey comb which I’ve been begging to try, its really good.

After doing our dishes and everything ema asked how she would make a tic tok video I showed her how and she told me I needed to make one too with the same sound so I made one. Soon lunch time had arrived I had a grilled cheese and some fruit it was good, after that we had some ice cream. We worked on tic tok for a while longer after this but soon I took a shower so I could make other tic toks and also because I was stinky and I had finished journaling. I took my shower got dressed in my swimsuit and my anchor shorts. I brushed my hair and got presentable when Ema came to me telling me I should work on it more so I did like four more before moving on to other songs. We were going to the beach but so far our plans weren’t folding out like we planned. We did tic tok for a while and I was enjoying this. Ema showed me all the video she had started to make and she kept working on it. We still were going to go to the beach however even with all our stuff prepared we were both still very distracted. I started to fill up my hydro flask but ended up cleaning it because it has this really gross flavor to the water every time I fill it with water, so I soaked it in soapy water for a while. After more tic tok I went back to the water bottle cleaned it and filled it with ice and water. I told Ema I was ready but she said “were not going its 5:00 something” so we went to walk down to the cool tree for like 4 minutes and then we came back to water some plants and then we made dinner. I had my bean taco like always and Ema had some weird taco. She posted her tic tok too and it is currently on the for you page with 585 views 32 likes and 19 followers which isn’t bad as this is her first day of tic tok. We did the dishes and I started journaling in the room when Ema came in and kissed me on the forehead saying “ I’m so proud of you” mabye for journaling without her having to tell me? I don’t know. I just heard a pig scream I hope all it well and the pig wasn’t just attacked. I also went pee with a millipede and roach in the bathroom so I’m doing well. Hope fully we get to the beach tomorrow love ya! Night! 

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