Day 17 . Hawi Farmers Market

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Daily reflections by Ema and Elle ~

By Ema ~ Today was market day. We stocked up on all sorts of local fruits and veggies. Between that and the fruit from the land we have an abundance of foods! I am so excited to cook the kabucha squash. It was grown by the sweet girl from the natural food store. I don’t remember her name, but so hope we have a chance to get to know her better. While at the market we also traded some of the fruit from the land for some goods. We got some reef safe sunscreen from the Bee Boys, that I cant wait to try. A man confused me for his wife while there and began talking to me. It is strange how this sort of thing happens in my travels. I must have several more of me walking around this planet.

After the market we stopped through to a local shop and I found a set of Christmas ornaments I want, but I could not bring myself to buy them. I love to gift others, but it is more difficult justifying shopping for myself.

We had hoped to stop through to my Goddaughters family and trade some fruit for their start fruit, but did not get the call until we had returned to the land. It was raining, but we decided to have a little adventure. We brought the Brooke’s dragon fruit, citrus and guava. We then harvested some starfruit from the tree. It is so much fun to get your food right from the garden. I also brought back my Buddha which has been waiting for me for the last ten years. Next step is figuring out how to ship him back to the mainland. Many years ago he traveled to the island on my back in my pack. He was my first Buddha that I got while attending university in Seattle. It has been sweet that he has stayed with my Goddaughter all these years, but her mama is doing some cleansing, so it is time that he journeys with me again.

At home Elle cleaned the starfruit while I made dinner.

I made ahi and a salad of cucumber and avocado with feta, and the lilkoi dressing we got at the market. Elle prepared a fruit salad for dessert.

By Elle ~ today I woke up and had breakfast for breakfast I had yogurt with a spoonful of honey and granola, I had honey in my yogurt because we are out of ice cream which I put in there to make the gross yogurt taste good. We started getting ready we didn’t have much time until the farmers market. I got in the shower, brushed my teeth, got dressed, and brushed my hair. Soon Ema was out of her shower so she started getting ready too, before I knew it, it was time to go. I haven’t filled my hydro flask and I’m dehydrated so I ran to find it, I went into the bathroom and saw the biggest beetle ever! He was gross looking but still cool. I ran to Ema who was running to me and told her I couldn’t find it she asked if it was by my bed and went to look sure enough it was. She ran into the kitchen to get the bag of fruit she forgot while I filled the bottle, soon we were headed to the farmers market. We made it and still had time, we started by going to the lemonade lady, we got dragon fruit and mango. We looked around and found a bee dude who was selling honey, reef safe sunscreen, chapsticks, and soaps from what I saw, we got honey with honey comb which I am very excited for because I’ve never had honey comb, we also got hot pepper honey for Thomas, soap for Thomas, and we traded 3 valuable dragon fruit for sunscreen that was reef safe, we kept looking after taking his card and met a guy who has a farm and grows all sorts of things like purple corn and red pop corn. He gave me a piece of purple corn and invited us to his farm, he has all kinds of animals. We kept looking and I found a stand with a hippie dude who was selling lilikoi syrup, I tried it and it was very good,  we bought some he gave us a 2 dollar bill as part of our change, I wanted one too so I gave him 2 dollars for a 2 dollar bill. His syrup bottles said peace on them which I thought was cool. We continued looking around and got some fruit, we ended up at the lady’s stand who owns Chabbas joy cafe, whom we previously thought was mean but she seemed more friendly today and she gave me not one but 2 free cinnamon rolls. We thanked her and went on to a tomolies stand it was 3 for 10 but since it was the end she gave us a free forth one. That was when we went and found a stand with romotons we got those and we got $5 plums she said she would give them to us for $3 but ema said $2 so we got $5 for $2 that was when some older man came up to ema and started talking before saying “your not my wife” we talked with him for a while before leaving to go look more. We saw the girl who works at the natural food store and got some things from her, she told us about some sort of celebration going on at the blue dragon and told us we should go. Then we went to see Ema’s old lady bestie, we helped her bring down her stand and they talked for a while before we each had to leave. We got in the car and drove to the natural food store, after looking in the store right next to the market. We got ice cream and 2 big mangos, then we headed home. When we got home I stayed with the horses and eventually walked back. It started raining so for awhile I just sat on the porch and watered some plants that the rain wasn’t touching, and Ema told me we were allowed to go collect star fruit if we wanted so we got our bag of fruit that we would be trading and got some star fruit and 4 eggs we also got ema’s bodha, some moon type pottery which is really pretty, and the Lincoln logs container, before leaving. We made dinner of  ohi, fruit, and a veggie salad. After dinner I started my journal but got distracted in setting up a tic tok account for ema so I didint finish that. There was a millipede above my bed that we couldn’t reach so I just trusted I would be okay and went to bed.

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