Day 14 . Sunrise and Sunny, the Cat

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Daily reflections by Ema and Elle.

By Ema ~ I had went to bed shortly after sunrise, and awoke just three hours after.

Elle was hungry, so I made her eggs, but for me I had a fruit bowl. I love using what fruit we have from the land to nourish me and begin my day. We are getting low on the variety of fruits we have right now, so today was just dragon fruit and bananas with granola, over a coconut milk mango “ice cream”.

I was feeling very weak today and just wandered the home tending while Elle worked on her journal. I usually make my bed, but I did not today, as at times, I went there to rest. I also just stayed in my mermaid top and shorts, which is technically my pajamas. Another caretaker, Glyn who helps with the land owners mail and such came by to drop off some boxes. I am to open the two large ones and utilize what is inside. For now we just put them aside for when I had more energy. It seems Glyn did not sleep well last night either and was up to see the sunrise also. We both commented on how beautiful it was. For lunch Elle wanted grilled cheese, but I knew that my body would not handle that, so I made her such, but for me I stuck with simple split pea soup.

Sunny hung out with us a lot today and was striking her pose up against the pillars on the lanai. She often sits like a lady waiting to be painted. It is too funny.

I was making dinner as the sunset. It was a brilliant show of colors tonight.

I prepared corn tortillas with vegetarian re-fried beans, raw cows milk cheddar, and topped with avocado.

We finished our night with some coconut milk ice cream. I had mango. I love this stuff and miss it when I am not on the island.

Elle and I sat up late on the porch talking that night. So long we got hungry again. We had a snack of breadfruit and purple sweet potatoes. With full bellies we were finally ready for bed. 

By Elle ~ today woke up and ema was on her phone. She told me she had gotten sick and only had 3 hours of sleep as she didn’t fall asleep till around 7:00. We got up and went to the kitchen. I wanted granola but ema got out the pan for eggs, so I just had eggs. I had ema make the eggs for me, as I wanted sunny side up, however I’m bad at making those. After my breakfast I took out my braids and put them in a bun while I took a bath. The hope was to have curly hair even after my bath so I put it in a bun so it wouldn’t get wet. After my bath I got dressed ema told me I needed to start an essay, I finished getting ready and got together my supplies to start my essay. I worked on my essay for hours getting up only to ask ema questions. Soon ema was hungry and so was I so I had grilled cheese and she had soup. While we cleaned the kitchen glyn came and while ema went out to help her I finished the kitchen, we gave her some dragon fruit. Soon she was gone. I continued my essay while I talked with mom.  Soon it was time for dinner so I had refried beans on a corn tortilla with raw cheddar cheese, avocado, and green onions. We made them and after dinner I had some cookie doh monster ice cream. Ema and I sat on the poach talking for hours until 9:00 something  but we were hungry so we had bread fruit and purple potatoes. Now I sit were a millipede decided to crawl on me and now I will be going to sleep.

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