Day 15 . Thai Food and Dance

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Daily reflections by Ema and Elle.

By Ema ~ I woke up today and thought I would get some pictures up onto Instagram only to find that somehow my account had logged out and I lost all the drafts I have been preparing. That was many hours of work and several weeks worth of posts ready to go. It has been feeling lately one thing after another when I comes to catching up on my social media. I was really disappointed and wonder why Instagram does not save your drafts if you log out. Come on programmers, I believe you can write this code! Please do, as this has now happened to me several times. When we went into the kitchen this morning to make breakfast we found that the freezer was not working. It seems that the power button or something somehow got touched. The ice cream was pretty soft, but thankfully other things still seemed frozen and okay. We needed to run into town today, including a dump run, so I prepared all for that. We will need to make them more often, as the bugs love the left over fruit in the bin, and unfortunately we do not have compost set up here. I guess due to it attracting the wild pigs. I also had a stac of postcards to send and that is near there, so after the transfer station we went there. I always seal my cards with a kiss before I put them in the post, so it was done. We also stopped at the little shop near by to get Elle some paper for school. A regular simple notepad was over $6, so we opted for just a stack of paper. After that we went to Chaba’s for some pad Thai. We shared it of course.

While there we met a friend of my goddaughters father and his sweet dog. She was a pit pull, but the most gentle creature I have ever met in a dog. He told us about internet in the cafe just across the way in our little town of Kapa’au. When we arrived we figured out that they did not have open internet, but just a spectrum hotspot. Thankfully at the house in Michigan this is what we use and I had a way to get us online. I think Elle was disappointed as she was not looking forward to more math. I got as a lilikoi vegan frosty and a cookie to share, as a way to also support the cafe for taking up there space. I was able to get the photos from my phone onto my computer and continued to compose our journals into our website, so that I may share soon. I have some old photos that I still need to put up and tried transferring the cards, but was having one of those days that nothing was going smoothly in regards to my tech. I had hoped to actually get a post live today, but that did not happen as planned. Hopefully tomorrow. When we got back home Elle practiced her spinning that my goddaughter Stella had shown her the last time they were together. She started in the lanai, but after almost falling on her landings a few times I had her move to the grass to work on her form. Soon it was time to do our chores tending the land. There was more dragon fruit to harvest, but by the time I got there I was losing light and Elle was still working on her area, so after harvesting one I decided to wait for the rest and as I know she loves to harvest them with me. I was tired today, so while Elle worked on her journal I began to organize photos to add to our online journal the next time I have internet. It was not long before I was tired and made my way to bed rather early. 

By Elle ~ today I woke up and Ema was already awake, I got up and she was in her signature spot. She was the first to talk, I was in the bathroom and she said something like “ I hate modern technology. Do you remember all the drafts I was working on? They were all erased. I woke up this morning logged into the wrong account, and all my drafts are gone.” I felt bad but I couldn’t do anything to help, her hours of work were gone and they were not coming back. We had our morning talk as we always do until I was hungry. I went into the kitchen and discovered the ice cream was melted in the freezer, so we had to fix that problem. After breakfast I did my dishes and put them away. After breakfast I washed and filled both of our hydro flasks and decided to jump in the shower. My shower was a normal shower which consisted of normal things such as washing my hair. I picked out my outfit which was just a swimsuit worn with a pair of shorts. We were planing to go to the post office, dump, do some school work, and to the beach. We packed our things that we would need and I called mom while I brushed my teeth. Mom hung up soon as she had to run someone to the hospital, which was good for us too as we needed o get out and go into the post office. In the post office we got lots of stamps and two boxes. We had a thick stack of post cards that we needed to send out, so we put stamps on all of those and sent them away. Our next stop was the dump. We drove until we reached the dump parking lot. This dump is cool looking because it has a giant trash rather than a few big ones. We saw a boogie board but it has a hole so it wouldn’t have worked. We needed a notebook for my homeschooling so we went into this store were we got 120 sheets of paper, as it would be more for less. We soon realized Ema was missing her phone so we went to the post office and asked if they had seen one, which they haven’t, then we went back home hoping she had just left it there. Thankfully she had and after grabbing a dragon fruit we went to town to finally try the pad Thai dish, it was so good, when we finished this guy and his dog came up and he and Ema talked for a while before deciding to leave for a cafe so I could do some schooling.  I worked for 2 hours however  I only got credit for 90 minutes. We got this thing that was coconut, it reminded me of a cookie, and we also got a lilikoi slushy, which was really good. There was a cat with some of his ear missing and half of its tail gone, it was also very skinny. I want to give him some food however we don’t know if the cat has allergy’s or something according to sissy. After I finished schooling we left and went back home so we could water as sunset was coming soon, and it is a watering day (we have to water every other day) I try to give each plant special attention so today it was getting dark when I was watering and even though sissy has twice as much to do as me she was done and I wasn’t. However I finished just in time and rolled up the hose just as the last moments of light hit. We had dinner and now I sit on my bed journaling even though its 10:03 and were getting up early but oh well that’s what I say to that!

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