Day 13 . Homeschooling and Horses

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Daily reflections by Ema and Elle.

By Ema ~ I got up early today. I just have not been feeling so well lately. Elle was still sound sleep so I found my little spot on the lanai with Sunny and took in the fresh Hawaiian morning air. Once Elle was up we made our breakfast. I am loving all the fresh fruit from the land and have been making fruit bowls with a bit of granola as a garnish. Today I had bananas, lilikoi, starfruit and of course dragon fruit, which we have had in huge abundance lately thanks to a cactus bush on the land.

Afterwards I decided I needed to help get my body going and did some yoga, breathing and dance in the lanai until I was ready to shower and felt I could conquer my day. Elle asked if she could go visit the horses and I am always happy to have her explore the land so she was off on her adventure. She returned with a giant yellow flower for me. It was a little too big for my hair, so I took a picture but did not leave it there. It was much more suited for a vase.

We headed to town for some homeschooling time. There is internet at the local coffee house in Hawi for free. There is a tree we pass everyday crossing through the gates. It has very unique leaves and some sort of fruit coming off of it, but I am not sure what it is. Maybe someone will recognize it from the photo and can tell me if it is anything edible.

While at the cafe we got a hibiscus lemonade to share and a gluten free blond brownie with chocolate chips. The lemonade tasted more like a tea, but was still very yummy. I was able to get the start of these journals transferred to my computer and will add photos soon so that we may begin sharing to the world this sojourn. Elle worked on her math again, but we are certain now that she is in a level too high for her to really do as she has no idea how to apply any of the concepts. We are going to find some other home school programs and try to get a better idea of where she really needs to begin so she can learn what she needs and build up to her actual grade. We got home and it was about time to water and tend the land and home, so we took our time doing that. Elle is so sweet, she talks to the plants as she waters, telling them to “drink up and grow”. We harvested some more dragon-fruit as they are in huge abundance right now. For dinner I made some ulu (breadfruit) and purple sweet potato to put over rice noodles.

That evening we spent some time with Sunny on the lanai. She loves being brushed and will actually brush herself if you just hold it for her.

I actually went to bed at the same time as Elle, but was awoke in the night with my pain. I took a bath hoping to relax my body and sat on the porch watching the sunrise light up the ocean, with the moon still high in the sky. 

By Elle ~ today I woke up and sissy was alive and journaling, she was up way before I was, around 7:30 was when she rose. I sat by her and we talked like usual, she told me she had gotten up early, then she realized how late it had gotten. We talked until I was hungry, I told her I wanted eggs this morning, she told me to have a fruit bowl and we would make eggs in a moment as she was journaling and in her little space she goes into. I went into the kitchen and made my yogurt fruit bowl and brought it out to eat with ema as I usually did. We had a long talk and it was very serious, I could tell by the tone of her voice, I don’t like serious talks very much. I made my bed  soon after because I haven’t made it yet. Ema decided to do her yoga thing again but this time she wasn’t in her undies, thankfully. She danced and I prepared my things for a shower, but soon ema’s undressing, I asked her why and she said she was going to get clean I told her but I’m about to do that and I got out my stuff, she just thought I was afraid of the centipede and didn’t want to shower alone but that wasn’t true. After our shower we put on out blue outfits, and I had her french braid my hair, she always does the braids to the side, I asked her if she would do them down the middle more but she thought I meant the middle of my head, but I meant the side but not by my ears, so after we figured that out she did my hair as I asked. I brushed my teeth and soon was free to do as I pleased. Ema and I played the ukuleles for a while and after that made a small snack I had my eggs and bread, they were really good! After our snack I asked if I could go visit the horses, there very friendly and so I always ask if we can stop to see them, today I decided to go walk to them. I jokingly said to the “horses come here” thinking they would just stay there however they actually came to me, but one left. The other one stayed with me I fed her some grass and pet her for a while, I even stuck my hand on a pokey cactus leaf so the pricks were so small, they looked like my hand hair so I just had to deal with it while I hung out with the horse. Soon the horse walked away and joined her friends ( this was when I saw she was a girl ) I walked over and got ema and I a flower before walking back. My hand hurt from the leaf and I couldn’t see the pokeys so I just washed my hands hoping they would wash out. After that I was hungry so ema made my organic Romin it was really good, I talked to mom as I ate and did the dishes we talked for like 20 minutes, however soon we said our goodbyes. I did tic tok while ema did instagram, we did that for a while before deciding to go to town for homeschooling (we don’t have internet here and the cafe does). We got our stuff together and soon we were in the small town of hawi (pronounced havi). We went and found a spot outside the cafe and ema went in and got hibiscus lemonade and gluten free chocolate chip brownie cake thing. I did my school work and finally an hour later finished my math I Ready test this excited me as math is my least favorite subject and I have a hard time with it. This was when the cafe closed so it was perfect timing, we collected our things and went to the car to set them there while we went into the natural food store. We got some ice cream to replace our molded banana bread and a few other things. After the natural food store we needed to head home, it was almost sun set and we needed to water, we got home and watered, there was more dragon fruit for us, watering seemed to take forever today even though it took the same amount of time it always does, even though I wanted to stop I still did everything as I was told to. Finally I was done and we could eat we had some rice noodles which I accidentally spilled in the sink, but we picked them up, purple sweet potato, breadfruit, and zucchini noodles. I wanted grilled cheese but I ended up eating this, after dinner we had ice cream, I finally got cookie dough so I was super happy. Now I sit here doing today’s journaling and petting Sunny the cat as she comes and goes catching roaches as she pleases. My bed is calling to me, goodnight.

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