Day 10 . Parade in Honokaa

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Daily reflections by Ema and Elle.

By Ema ~ I set my alarm for 8am, but awoke at 7 not feeling so well, so I rose and sat on the porch with Sunny until Elle got up. She too was up before the alarm and was sitting with me when it went off at 8am. We started to get ready for our day and I made a another fruit bowl to start my day.

We dressed and got ready for our journey up and over the mountain to see my goddaughter dance in a Parade in Honokaa. It is a small town and we arrived just in time for the start, but was quite surprised when the parade only lasted for about five minutes.

Since we made the hour drive over the mountain we decided to stay and explore the shops. At a mermaid shop Elle found a Hawaiian Hula outfit in purple, her favorite color, but it was a little big so we decided to keep looking.

We may have run into a little trouble along the way… lol

Elle decided to break her hundred on a set of children’s travel bamboo utensils. I thought it was a great buy and have been wanting a set too, and really like that these are little, so I got a set also.

There were some interesting travel dish sets I want to look more into also.

We had to get some lilikoi fudge and compare it to Michigan Fudge. I only had a nibble, but it had my vote being the flavor of passion fruit.

The town was serving a free meal and all sorts of vegetarian and vegan options. We had some rice and beans, veggies and starfruit. It was quite a little feast.

We wondered the shops some more as my goddaughter had moved on to the next town. Waimea was having a parade and festival too. We drove over and went to the park to see the artist booths and try some local foods. I have no idea what exactly it was, but it was vegetarian, and really yummy. Unfortunately by the time we got here, my goddaughter and her family had once again moved onward.

Elle connected with an artist who’s work we had recently discovered in a shops near us. Turns out she is also originally a Michigan girl. We are hoping to collaborate with her in the future for events.

Elle spent more of her money and brought home a piece of art. It’s a beautiful print of a turtle layer onto wood with copper accents and sealed in resin. She is quite proud of her purchase. She carried it with her everywhere and even set it in front of her while working on her journal once home. Of course come bedtime, it was by her side also.

On the drive over the mountain heading back to hawi, we stopped at the lookout to touch the clouds. Elle made a ticktock of the moment.

For dinner we cooked corn tortillas, with vegetarian retried beans and topped it with raw cow cheddar cheese and scallions.

Cows cheese never settles well for me these days, even the raw stuff sadly. So I knew I would wake ill and sure enough did. I went to bed feeling very tired at around 9, but awoke at midnight. I was up until four cycling through being ill and waiting for the next round. Finally I was back to bed. Elle thankfully slept soundly through the night. 

By Elle ~ Today I woke up and for breakfast I had yummy coconut based ice cream ( it’s white pineapple flavored) , with my yogurt, granola, and some fruit. I ate it all up because it was so good. After breakfast I decided to take a shower because we needed to move as we were most likely going to be late no matter what so I figured it’s best to do what I need before I run out of time. I took my shower and today met 2 millipedes which was funny because yesterday there was only one so there was one more each day as the day before the one there was zero so I thought this was kind of weird but funny. Anyways after my shower I got dressed in my jungle outfit, we were going to wear this but ema said she was going to get to cold, so we just wore are yellow chicken dresses. At this point we were late, as I knew we would be (ema’s always late) so we filled our hydro flasks with ice and water and got in the car we drove an saw some cool things. I had a head ache and got super car sick, there’s this smell in the car that’s like paint thinner or at least that’s what ema says, but we think that’s what making us feel this way because she’s been having head aches too. Anyways there was another paraid going on at the same time as the one were going to, and its the next town over, so there was lots of traffic. We watched stella dance, the paraid was really short. After the paraid we went into shop, there were some cool shops, in one on the shops there were mini kids versions of to go ware but were not sure if we want them, we were informed there was free food across the way so we headed to check it out. It’s was funny because there were move vegan and vegetarian options where as in michigan there’s no vegetarian options much less vegan but they were like from here on is vegetarian and vegan. The free food was better than most foods you pay for. It was so good I had a second helping, there were things like white rice, starfruit, chilli, vegetarian chili, some sort of chili like sauce but kind of spicy for the rice, fresh lemon water, some sort of chicken, veggie mix, and some dark rice but it was soooooooo good, my favorite part is that they weren’t served on styrofoam there served on some sort of brown paper like cardboard almost but it’s not just them like every shop here does that there was also a man with a chunk of his arm missing which was cool. After we filled ourselves we went and continued looking around in the shops, we stoped in one shop and got lilikoi fudge it was so good . We were going to go say hi to Stella and give her the dragon fruit we picked for her but we missed her so ema decided we were getting the to go ware so we walked back to the shop. It was time for me to split my $100 that terry had given to me, I didn’t want to but finally did and with $11 less we dicided to go to the park were everyone was, but when we got there we got the message they had left for Starbucks, so we just looked around in the rain. We went in this big tent were lots of little stands were we started looking around, there were lots of beautiful quilts and blankets, we looked around and saw this stand, we had seen this artist stickers in the shop local to us. I started looking at her artwork and it was beautiful, all the colors and gold flakes went so well with her art, she was working on an art piece while we talked to her, it was some sort of shark. I knew I needed to take a piece of her art home with me. Ema asked me if this was money wise, but I didn’t care, I dicided to get the sea turtle one. It was between the sea turtle one and the jelly fish but I went for the sea turtle one. I talked with her for a while and she asked if I liked it here I said “ yes, all but the centipedes” she continued by saying “ ya those guys are pretty narley” she said she didint know which one she hated more roaches or centipedes I said “ centipedes” she said “ yes but roaches fly” so now I’m stuck. I bought the art work which was $45 dollars I think, for $40, I also got 3 free stickers which is $10 worth of stickers. She wrapped up my art all pretty and ema and her exchanged contact information, we ended up giving her the dragon fruit. After our goodbyes we got some mini donuts and went home, one the drive home we stopped in a cloud and I touched a cloud like I’ve always wanted to, before it started pouring rain, we were soon home. The big toads came out I tried catching one but he ran away. So I put on my pjs and went to bed.

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