Day 9 . Aunties, Homeschooling, and Hunting

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Daily reflections by Ema and Elle.

By Ema ~ I woke with a sick belly and my hip hurting, so I got up and took a shower hoping my body will fell a bit better.

We put on our new outfits, and started our day with playing our ukuleles.

I made a smoothie for breakfast and Elle had yogurt and granola. We got the kitchen cleaned up again and I received a call that there may be someone trying to hunt on our land. I told her about the gunshots last night, which is concerning, as this person does not have permission and was suppose to be hunting with a bow and arrow not a gun, the times he has had permission. I notified the owner and we will see what comes of that. I did some writing while Elle played her ukulele more.

The kitty we are taking care of seemed to enjoy the music and came to share her stories.

Soon we will go to town for some supplies and internet school time. We went to town to find internet for Elle to do her school work, but she found once there that her computer had no change, so she had to use my computer, leaving me with nothing to do while I sat and waited. Next time we will have to be more organized for such. The iPad got left at home charging too, so I just sat and waited. We shared a salmon patty on a croissant and a smoothie. We finished our time with some white pineapple, dragon fruit and mango sorbet. Before we left town we stopped at a little shop that Elle has been wanting to go back to and looked around. The women adored Elle and kissed her and introduced herself as auntie. Her in Hawaii everyone that accepts you as family becomes your auntie. We also went through to the natural food store and the grocery store Takata to get a few supplies. Our fridge is very small, so we can only get so much food at a time. When we got back to the land, I tended all needed, the cat, watering and such, and found that an early evening it would be for me. Elle harvested some dragon fruit, which is always a favorite for me. It was the perfect finish to our dinner.

Tonight I made a stir-fry with rice noodles, tofu, and zucchini. Seasoned with ginger, shoyu and garlic.

By Elle ~ Today I woke up and I read my book for a while because ema said “starting your day with screen time time is not healthy” so I read my book and I’m about to finish it. I just have a few chapters and then I don’t know what I’ll do in the mornings. Anyways today when we were up I made my bed like I do every morning and walked to the steps were ema sat every morning.  Ema wasn’t feeling the best I wish she didn’t have to feel crappy all the time, I also wish there was more I could do for her but I can’t so anything to help her. I knew I needed to take a shower so I was going to eventually but soon ema was in the shower probably hopping it would help with the pain usually when she feels sick the hot water helps her body readjust and feel better, when she finished I got in I got all clean and put on my clothes which ema wanted me to not wear a bra because my shirt is open back so the bra looked weird so I didint wear one. She worked on her journal, and I played my ukulele I worked on songs like I don’t know my name, how far I’ll go, blowing in the wind, hallelujah, happy birthday, and together ema and I played part of your world. We did these things and eventually decided to get some food. I had coconut milk yogurt, with blueberries, and my yummy cherry granola. I ate and when I was I wanted to take a quick photo with ema but I didn’t realize she was naked and I brought up the phone and I saw a naked sister. I quickly moved  the camera and started laughing at what I had just done it’s more funny because she said “ uh I’m” and she was going to say “ naked” but I realized that before she needed to finish. Anyways she got dressed and then we took a photo with her having her clothes on this time. We did more ukulele and ema journaled but I wanted to tic tok but every time I tried she said I needed to be doing something creative with myself. Soon ema started to get out our tech things and the large bag we used as our carry on and she said we would be going to town I put away my ukulele and did some tic tok while I waited because I was allowed to be on it if I was making videos because that was creative. We went into town a it was super packed today so it took a while to find a parking spot, but soon after missing a bunch of them we found a spot and found a little cafe. We got out our stuff and went to the cafe to see if there was WiFi there was so we went in with all of our stuff. We got a sandwich it was salmon patty on a croissant. It was so good! I love the croissant most it was so bready, and I like bread so this croissant tasted like heaven in a sandwich yummy, we also got a smoothie but I didn’t have much of that. I did school work for like two hours and we had some ice cream. I got halfway done with I ready math but that took 2 hours just for that and my computer was dead so I had to use ema’s so she had nothing to do while I did work. We finally decide that was enough for today so we left, and went to The natural food store. We got ice cream, I really wanted to go into Olivia Clare ( the shop, not a person) but ema didint want to as she was tired we ended up going in for a moment or so we thought but ema got caught in conversation. And she thought she was my aunt and even gave me a kiss on the cheek! I just went with it. We needed some things from takata (another store) so we said our good byes with auntie I don’t rember her name and headed to takata. In takata we got yogurt, a mango, and a few other things. Ema was tired so after the stores we went home. At home we needed to water I was on my phone but soon I followed sissy so I could start the watering routine. I have to do the small flowers in front which is always fun. We watered and decided to eat once we finished I journaled but I was off task so I asked if I could for a while after ema went to bed she agreed but when I tried to the bugs were attracted to the light so that didint work and I ended up going to sleep shortly after she did.

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