Day 11 . Local Music and the Beach

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Daily reflections by Ema and Elle.

By Ema ~ I awoke very weak after another night of illness. I had really wanted to go to the beach today and was grateful to rise to a sunny day. I made another fruit bowl for breakfast. It is my new favorite way to begin my day.

My goddaughters father was playing a gig at the local coffee house, so we got ourselves ready and headed down to Hawi town. By the time we got there it was almost over but we were able to enjoy a few songs. Elle was suppose to be working in her homeschooling, but by the time she got the internet going I guess she only got one math problem done. My goddaughter Stella was there and took a few photos of me filming her daddy.

We had forgotten our mango for the beach, so we ran across the street to get an ice cream bean, granola bars and I had credit so we got a coconut milk mango ice cream too!

When we got to the beach at Mauna Kea it was full, so we headed down to the next at Hapuna. There are no dressing rooms there, so we found a tree with a hedge and it worked perfect.

From there we made the little hike down the beach.

We started in a grassy knoll near a little inlet we normally swim in there, as this beach has a lot more waves than our other local one, but today even our little inlet was rough, with a high tide, so after having our snack…

and a few photos in my tail… (More will be coming soon to my gallery at Mermaid Soleil.)

we found our way to a spot on the sandy beach below where the girls played with my hair until a wave came and tried to wash me away. By the time we were done I did indeed have true mermaid hair.

The girls played in the waves, as it was a little rough for their tails. I started in mine. I was excited to wear one of my original Mertailor tails, but it was not long before sand in my bootie had rubbed on my Fin long enough and I could no longer take the pain. When I got out to remove my tail I found I had rubbed away quite a bit of skin on the top of my foot. Ouch! I went in the water with just legs and I must say at this point in life swimming without a tail feels so odd. I have no power and feel weird kicking my legs apart. I found I still swam stronger keeping my form and legs together even without my tail. The girls and I played in the waves, spinning, flipping and riding a few into the shore. I caught the best body surf ever! The wave was huge and I manage to soar right on the top of it rather than partially in it. It was like flying on the waters! Of course being that high on the wave meant when I reached the shore, it dumped me and my thigh scrapped across the shore. Thankfully it was all sand and no rocks. We stayed til about sunset, then made the drive back towards hawi.

Being a Sunday, everything would be closed so we stopped in the town before ours to get a bite to eat. Coconut encrusted shrimp and fries to dip in a tropical sweet sauce. I normally don’t do sauces and condiments besides mustard on somethings, but whatever flavor this was I could not stop dipping everything in it.

We watched the last of the color fade from the sky from our table on the balcony. Then continued our drive up north on the island after eating and took Stella home as she has school tomorrow. Once home we got our showers as we were covered in sand once again. I am so grateful to have my sister traveling with me. She is turning into quite the photographer, which means I have someone to make art with in my tail. I am excited to be getting a few more in the mail soon from Fin Fun to create in soon! I went to bed at the same time as Elle, yet soon found as tired as I was all day, I could not sleep. I sat up with Sunny on the porch going through the photos from the day. I really must get caught up on my social media, but all the travel as of late has me feeling like there are just not enough hours in the day. It was a dark night with the moon hiding behind clouds. I could see twinkles of light emerge through the palm tree dancing in the wind to my side in the garden. I moved to the end of the porch with Sunny and watched as the moon rose between layers of clouds, laying sleepily on her back. It is just a crescent nestled in the clouds like a baby in their mother’s arms. Indeed beautiful, and made me feel it was the perfect moment to tuck myself in for the night. 

By Elle ~ Today I woke up and sissy told me I could go eat and got up for the day but she was sick all night so she was going to sleep a while longer, I started making my bed but she said to do it later as she was tired and this was disrupting her. Sunny was hungry so I went to get her food, when she was done she wanted more, I told her no but I would give her some water,  when picking up the bowl I dropped it because something crawled out on me, which isn’t okay. I ate breakfast which was what I normally have yogurt, granola, mixed with ice cream as usual. After eating I did up my dishes and took a shower and this time there were 3 millipedes in the shower with me. After my shower I got dressed and ready for the day while talking to mom on the phone, I was still talking to mom when we started to pack our beach bags there was something one my bag, most likely mango, so I grabbed a rag and washed it off. Soon ema was ready so we said goodbye to mom and headed to the cafe to get Stella. We stayed there a while in hopes I could get some school work done, but I couldn’t get the stupid WiFi password right so now I’m going to fail. But whatever I don’t care. I got one problem done before it was time to go and we were off to the beach but it was full so we had to go to a different one. I liked this one way better the other one wasn’t as cool or pretty so this one was my favorite. I took some photos of ema and soon we were on our way to the sand. We swam and I had 3 experiences were the wave took me and I couldn’t get back up much less breath but it was magic and super cool. We swam having fun doing back flips in the waves, body surfing, doing turns in the water, and cartwheeling into waves, we also did ema’s hair before having to do it again because the ocean took away our art but gave us a sea snail in return. I told Stella I would teach her how to do a back bend and she thought me how to do a proper turn. Soon the sun was setting and it was time for us to go as Stella and I were hurngy, we stopped at a seafood bar. We got coconut shrimp and fries, this was my first time trying shrimp, it’s really good. Soon we were back in hawi we dropped Stella off and found out those giant toads are actually poisonous and you shouldn’t even touch them, we learned that because her dog bit one, after cleaning out our beach bags took a shower and went to bed.

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