Day 7 . Over the Mountain to Waimea

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Daily reflections by Ema and Elle.

By Ema ~ I awoke earlier than my body wanted, because I  needed to prepare to get my goddaughter today. I made Elle scrambled eggs for breakfast, but I opted for just a glass of juice as my belly has really been torturing me lately. Soon it was time to pick Stella, my goddaughter, up from school. It was an early day and she got out just after noon. We decided to go to the local Thai/crepe shop as on Wednesday she serves Thai, not just crepes, but I could not get clarity as to whether there were vegetarian options, so Elle and I shared a crepe with zucchini, greens, and pesto.

At the end we all shared a sweet one with ube ice cream.

We stopped at Stella’s home after for her to get ready for dance class and Elle and I harvested some starfruit from the tree. It is always so much fun getting to eat right from the earth. It was about a 45 minute drive to Waimea, so we left a little early to stop at the lookout on the way over the mountain.

I was laying in the warm soft grass enjoying the breeze and view when the girls told me to take my sun glasses off and close my eyes, which I had to as I could not open them with my sun glasses off.

They played with my hair, creating hearts and added flowers. Their giggles were so sweet as they created reflections of me.

I could have stayed for a little nap, but it was time to journey onward and get Stella to dance class.

Elle and I checked out the natural food store right around the corner from the studio and got a few things we cannot find in our local shop. We were intending to find a cafe and get some internet, as there is none at the home we are care-taking, but ended up just wandering around all the adorable shops. We like to get matching outfits and found two that coordinate with Hawaiian prints, so we had to get them. I tried on a yellow dress too, but decided it was not quite right.

It was time to meet Stella again so we grabbed some coconut milk lilikoi ice cream that normally our local shop carries, but they have not had it lately, so I decided to get some last minute here and bring it home with us in a freezer bag. We picked Stella’s sister up from her academy and made our way back over the mountain again. The sun was setting and looked really interesting from above so we stopped once again at the lookout, but this time only long enough to take a couple pictures.

My belly was not happy about eating crepes earlier and was starting to hurt, so I dropped the girls off at their home and went back to our land. I took a bath in hopes to relax my body. My little sister joined me… first her feet than bit by bit she was getting in deeper still in her clothes. I finally told her just to loose her dress before it ended up in the water, so she happily did and joined me. The tub sides are so tall one still feels like a kid soaking in the tub. My belly finally settled, and to my bed I went.

By Elle~ Today we woke up and sissy wasn’t feeling well because she was sick last night, so she was weak, and felt kind of exhausted from her sick session. We sat on the stairs and talked until I was to hungry to think straight, I told Ema “I want eggs please” she got up and started walking I said “don’t leave me!’’ She just left, I said “ you don’t even know what kind of eggs I want!’’ She thought I was telling her to wait for me because I was scared but I really wasn’t but I don’t think she believed me when I told her that. I put away my spanks and headed to the kitchen for my food. Ema asked me “ what kind of eggs do you want” she also said she asked me earlier when I was putting away my spanks, I told her “I was putting away my spanks” so we had a whole conversation about telling someone I’m doing something so they know ill be there in a minute to answer their question. I let her know what kind of eggs I wanted (scrambled today) and she started to make them. While she made them I did some dishes and soon enough my eggs were ready with a side of bread ovcorse. Once I finished eating I did my dishes and headed back to see what ema was doing. She was sitting outside on the poach steps (were she always sits) getting some work done. We would soon have to go pick up Stella from school so I decided to take a quick shower and get ready for the day. Once showered ema and I brushed our teeth and I did my hair in a pony tail and it was time to go. We drove to the school and I called mom while we waited for Stella to come out. Xena took over our phone call with mom because she was throwing a fit about her phone so I didn’t get to talk with mom and soon the bell rang and we had to hang up. We decided to go to the crepes place they were serving Thai food today because it was Wednesday and that is Thai food day, however the lady was rude and just walked away when ema was trying to ask questions. So ema and I just had a crepe to share. Stella got this noodle dish that I wished I had gotten because it looked so good even if it had chicken. I also tried this tea that was so good I wanted it all but I had to share with ema. When we finished our main meal we all had a crepe to share with strawberry jelly and some potato ice cream on top yummy! Once finished we got some rambutans and left. We started driving to Stella’s dance class I looked and weirdly  enough out of nowhere my phone finally changed to the correct time finally after being here for 6 days and today being our 7th. Anyways we decided to stop at this scenic over look and put ema’s hair in hearts and added some flowers for an extra cute look but soon we had to continue the drive as we didn’t want to be late to Stella’s dance class we drove for a while more and were almost there when I look over and what do I see staring back at me a roach coming to me. In the heat of the moment I unbuckled and moved over freaking out finally stella grabbed him and threw him out the window I buckled back up and was scared but thankfully we were there, we dropped stella off and went into the natural food store ema and I had a long talk about what had just happened I promised I would not do that again. We looked in the natural food store and got some things before moving on and we ending up shopping for clothes the whole couple hours while stella danced. In one of the stores I saw a 4 ocean bracelet but didn’t know if I should get it because there’s been controversy on whether there doing what they say, so I didn’t end up getting it, also it was way over priced. When class was done we got lilikoi ice cream because ema had been searching for it the whole time and got back in the car to go pick up Naomi. Her school looked very big and cool from what I saw but so did Stellas. The drive back was quiet and after dropping them off I took care of everything while poor sissy dealt with her belly. I saw her in the tub and went into the bathroom to keep her company but ended up getting in the giant bath with her.  She told me about this gecko in the toilet that she barfed on and that I should get. I didn’t want to but was going to but she acadently flushed him so that was the end of that, poor guy he was just a baby too so hopefully he survived that. We laid in our beds and I did some instagram before finally falling asleep.

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