Day 6 . $100 and Free Bananas

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Daily reflections by Ema and Elle.

By Ema ~ I awoke feeling much better today and prepared Elle a breakfast of eggs and some island made bread. I also made a smoothie for us. She had lots of writing to catch up on still, so I tended to the home cleaning our room, emptying the tech bag so we can make art while here, and went through the home organizing what I saw needed such. I did laundry too, as we are on solar and it was a sunny day, so a good moment for such. While Elle continued catching up on her journal I practiced my ukulele. I can see when I do this daily I start to become more comfortable with my strumming, which is my biggest challenge thus far. We had a snack of Rambutan, a fruit i always miss when away from the island.

After Elle completed her journal I wrote in mine as I had missed the last couple nights with being ill and so exhausted last night. Once our journals were complete I gave Elle her surprise from the land owner, since she had proven she can help around here and caught up on her journal.

She plans to get her kindala dress with part of the money. She was so excited and seemed a bit in shock to be holding a real 100 bill. Our rubbish bins were getting full and today we had to go to the transfer station where the town collects the trash and recycling. There is no pickup here. While there we met a local Hawaiian women who gave us bananas. This was perfect as we have a batch ready, but they are so high in the tree we have not yet figured out how to get to them. It was already 4:30, but we still had a bit of time til sunset and decided we would drive to the beach, Mauna Kea. We brought along a mango to eat and some snacks.

Since we were already losing light we made some photos to begin and then ate our mango before a little swim in our tails.

After we ate our Thai wraps and had another quick wash in the ocean. We found some coral. Both look very much like hearts. We have been planning a video and have needed some heart rocks, so we thanked the beach and sea and took our two treasures home. It was a beautiful sunset, as it is in Hawaii every night it seems. We got home after dark and got our showers as we were both still covered in sand. I tended to Sunny Girl, as I call her, and then made dinner with zucchini, sunflower spouts, and macadamia nuts in pesto served with a slice of island made bread to dip in the oil.

After we cleaned up the kitchen, I had Journal time on the lanai. The breeze is a little cool tonight, but just a light blanket on my lap does me fine here in Hawaii. Otherwise it is just light clothes, and sometimes au natural. Elle and I went to bed at the same time to tonight, but a few hours later I woke up ill. I was up from about 1:30 a.m. to just before 4 in the morning. I was so concerned as I am suppose to pick my goddaughter up from school tomorrow and was praying to not be up til sunrise again. I soaked in a tub of dead sea salts, Epson salts, and camomile essential oils. It got me to a point I could get back to bed, even still not feeling as well as I usually wait it out til, but I managed to fall sleep after a bit of tossing and turning trying to find a spot my body would not hurt and I could rest.

By Elle ~ Today we woke up and I had some eggs and bread with pog juice and some smoothie. Breakfast was really good even though I was eating a chickens period. Ema told me to get my journal as today Kevin would be my best friend. I didn’t want to because I was scared but I don’t remember why, I’m sure it was probably centipedes. But after a quick lecture I was accompanied by ema so that made me feel much better she picked up Kevin, and gave him to me. I started journaling and worked for awhile transitioning to different spots as my legs would start to hurt, from crossing them for so long. While I journaled ema did things like organizing her clothes out of the suitcase (which she had not had time to do yet), playing her ukulele singing songs like amazing grace, I don’t know my name, lucky,some Beatle songs (which according to her is the best band in the world and no band will ever out do them), how far I’ll go, and a little mermaid song part of your world. She also did some laundry while I journaled finally after about 3 hours of journaling I was finally done and allowed to be free. But ovcorse it was ema’s turn, so I had to finish laundry. While she was journaling I decided to take a shower because I wasn’t allowed to do anything until I finished my journaling, after my shower I got dressed, I put on my swimsuit and a cover up, then I called mom because we kept missing her before she went to bed so I wanted to call her early, we talked for a while before hanging up so ema and I could read out our journals to each other after having some fruit spread on some bread. I saved a baby lizard today it was another small one, slightly bigger than the one from last time but still about the size of my pinkie nail, I picked him up and put him in a plant were he / her would be safe of feet, which could smoosh him / her easily because he / her didn’t know how to run away. Once we finished reading out all but the last day we got out our beach bags and finished packing them, I had started packing them but there were some things I could not pack in yet like foods. So we put in all that we would need and got in the car. The first stop was the dump, so with our bag of trash in the trunk off to the dump we went. We got there and ema got out the trash and was about to bring it to the dump person when suddenly a lady shouted “want some banana’s?” Ema said “yes!’’ (She said something else but I cant remember what it was) I was told to go get the banana’s  so I got out grabbed them and thanked her, Ema said “Mahalo!”and we were on our way to the beach. The sun was setting but we kept going anyways and soon we were there. I wanted to swim for the time we had but we ended up just taking photos until we ate our mango and spring rolls. The sky was dark and I was ready as was sissy to go home we collected some flowers, I got this leaf, and we also collected some of theses bean pod looking things for our family. With our tails in one hand and our bag in another we started walking up the road and into the car we went. During the drive back I scrolled through instagram and looked on both my accounts before soon getting back. It was time for me to open the gate, I opened it closed it and sissy was nice enough to wait for me. Once parked I was hungry so with all of my things in my hands I asked “what are we having for dinner?” Ema said “we had dinner” I said “oh”and we walked to the house, we hopped into the shower and took care of our beach bags but I got sand every were so I had to sweep it with the help of ema. For a minute I was wondering where’s ema but when I saw the kitchen  lights on I knew what she was up to, she was making food. We ate Zukinni noodles, sunflower sprouts, with pesto, and mackidamia nuts. I had to use the bathroom when we were done but was scared because I saw a cockroach so it took me 30 minutes to actually go by then it was time for bed so after cheacking my bed Ema and I went to sleep.

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