Day 5 . Care-taking in Hawaii

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Daily reflections by Ema and Elle.

By Ema ~ I did not awake until about 12:20pm, as I was up into the early a.m. due to my illness. Someday I suppose I need to share more on all of that. I know I usually try to just share the positive and what I am accomplishing, but I know I need to also learn to tell more of my story. Sometimes I find it difficult to know what people really care to see. Often being ill leaves me very weak the next day and so I miss out on what I had hoped and planned to do. This was one of those days. I had planned to meet my goddaughter and her mother for a beach day, but I was moving so slow from being so weak, and dizzy, and had already awoke so late I surrendered to the fact I would not make it in time to reach them before Stella needed to go to dance. She had the day off from school, but still had her afternoon class to attend for dance. I tended around the home as I slowly moved into my day and walked the land with Elle to get familiar with the plants we will be tending here. It rained yesterday, but some of the plants seemed then could use a little more, so we watered as we went.

Elle has been gifted $100 from the lady who owns the land, she does not know yet, so today was kind of a test to see if she would really be able to do what is needed. We also discovered some bananas high up in the tree, but will have to figure out how to harvest them.

I think I also need to learn to open a coconut, so I do not have to wait until others come to open them for us. There is lots of dragon fruit about ripe, so I am very excited for this. There was a little one ready, the smallest dragon fruit I have ever seen. The fruit inside was only about the size of a chicken egg, we enjoyed our few first tastes.

Elle had a lot of catching up to do in her journal, so I practiced my ukulele. Seems like a few of my songs are coming along. Hopefully I will eventually be able to serenade you all in my mermaid tail as I get better at playing. I actually practiced a few times throughout the day and my fingers are sore. Probably once a day will be good for now. For dinner I attempted to make up the other piece of mahi-mahi with the breadfruit and season with a macadamia nut pesto, but my heat was a little too high and it was a bit burned, still edible though thankfully.

Elle was still working away in her journal til quite late. I sat with Sunny as she wrote.

Finally we were off to our beds. Elle had to go though her process of checking everything before getting in, but I just checked in my sheets, and under my pillows and laid down. I was so sleepy, and needed rest after missing much of it the night before. 

By Elle ~ Today I woke up and sissy was sitting on the porch, I had to pee so I went , and took a seat by sissy. She told me she had gotten sick and everything was fine. I sat down with her for a while before she said she said she would be going to bed soon and I should head there, I said okay checked my bed and laid down. Soon after sissy came and started shaking out her pillows and checking her bed, this worried me so I shook out my pillow. She said I was going to be fine and she had been out of bed for several hours so she needed to check but I didn’t. I soon drifted back to sleep. I woke up a few hours later and sissy was still steeping, I sat there and allowed myself to wake up and funny enough she woke up, perfect timing right? I made my bed and got up. Sissy didn’t make her bed again but I just left it,  she later told me there was something that bed her all night so she left it open in hopes that the spider would go away. Then I took my shower and picked out my outfit. We sat at the stairs talking about how we were suppose to go to the beach but didn’t have to to because we wouldn’t make it in time as it was to late and we would miss everyone. I started brushing my hair but it was not working for me so I had to take the extra time to individually brush each section of my hair with a comb. I saw the birds again and stared at them for a while because there so beautiful and eye catching. I sat there for a while before having ema tell me I needed to finish my hair. I told her they were so pretty and I couldn’t help it she said she was happy I was admiring the birds but I needed to follow through and finish brushing my hair before it dried. So I continued brushing my hair and after many attempts finally got it up. At this point I was hungry so I went to collect Portuguese limes I kept finding good ripe ones and ended up with 10 of them then I headed to get some guavas and got 4 of those by now sissy was out of the shower and was getting ready. I decided to wash the fruit while I waited for ema to be done. Right as I finished the washing process ema came in and we started making breakfast. We had a fruit bowl with white pineapple, guava, lilikoi, and banana that’s not including pog juice smoothie and water, I’m very well fed. Once we finished and did our dishes I was told I needed to journal so for about an hour I journaled for about an hour while sissy played her ukulele. When I finished day 1 we headed to the banana trees because Terry texted ema and said there were some ripe ones when she left. We went down there and saw some ripe ones but didint have any way to get to them so we figure we can ask the workers to help us when they come tomorrow, as last time some other workers came and helped us with the coconuts. We were going to take a leaf but then we tried cutting it the wind got crazy and the tree went every which way so we told the tree we understood and wouldn’t take it and when we were talking about the leafs the wind went crazy again we told the tree we weren’t going to take the leaf and started to walk back but after we got some beautiful flowers. We went to the dragon fruit bush and I showed sissy some dragon fruit that would be ready she told me to get the hose so we could start watering, I went to get it and met a little gecko too, when I went back she had a dragon fruit in her hand. She stated watering every time I would get more hose she would take more and it was perfectly on beat it was really funny when she finished watering the dragon fruit I was the one that was stuck moving the whose which the water was on was on which made it weigh more than me and I had to deal with it. We had to take the hose apart to untangle it. Then can you guess who had to put it away? That’s right poor little me! Then we had to water all the plants I got to do the front ones and one was nocked over I didint want to pick it up but built up the courage to after ema telling me she wasn’t going to. When I finished ema was basically done so when she finally was, I wanted to do the last part so she let me but then I had to put away the hose whale she played with the cat when I put it away she said I missed mom again I asked her to call and see if she was still up she told me to text and see so I texted and to my surprise she answered and said that she was sleeping I asked if I could call and she called me and we talked for a while before saying our goodbyes so she could go to sleep and we could got to the store. We didn’t think we were going to make it to the natural food store because it was going to close in 4 minutes but when we got there it was just in time and they were just about to bring in there freezer but we made it there just in time and let us get the pesto and spring rolls after going to the natural food store we headed to the other store and shopped there for a good hour and when we came out the sun was almost set all the way, we drove back and I opened the gate for us. When inside ema was making dinner and I was journaling. When our food was done we ate it and it was really yummy I could have had more the only problem was that it was burnt but I didn’t mind. Ema did the dishes and it was back to journaling for me boo. I journaled in the room for a while ema played her ukelele but it was hurting her arm so now I sit out here journaling till I cant no more.

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