Day 4 . A Day on the Land

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Daily reflections by Ema and Elle.

By Ema ~ It was a slow day today. I had not yet had a chance to catch up on my journal, so I sat out on the lanai over looking the ocean and worked on collecting my memories.

Elle is terrified from her little visitor last night and is attached to me today. She is sitting up against me when we sit down anywhere, and following me to every room refusing to go into rooms by herself. This is making writing a bit difficult, but I am in a mission to get caught up. Elle was afraid to take shower on her own, but finally managed it with the door open. We went to town for fish and a fresh ulu (breadfruit) for dinner and I enjoyed a lilikoi popsicle while at the natural food store. Elle had a guava one. As we returned to the property the rains came. I had not got to water the garden last night as we did not return from the beach til after dark, so the rains coming is was a blessing. Elle danced naked in the rain. I told her to do a rain dance so the rains would keep coming. It poured for a couple hours, so it must have worked. I finally got unpacked and settled in today. I was still living out of my suitcase and we have been here for 4 days, so it was time. This evening I made mahi-mahi, and breadfruit like roasted potatoes once again, for dinner. The breadfruit was perfect this time. Elle prepared star fruit, lilikoi and banana for our desert.

At bedtime Elle managed to check her own bed all by herself, so I hope that means we are making progress about the centipede fear. For some reason my pain decided to arrive tonight, as it does, and I was up through the night. I am so grateful for the bath tub here. It is a huge copper tub with a view of the ocean from the wall sized window. The atmosphere is so relaxing. It’s a part of my paradise here. I spent much of the night sitting outside breathing through my pain, and relaxing in the bath. Every time I entered the bedroom for something Elle would sit straight up in her bed. She is normally a deep sleeper, but she is still terrified about the centipede and ready to jump need be. I would have to tell her all was okay, that I was just ill, and she would lay back down to sleep. It was a long night. I sat out under the night sky letting my belly and pain in my body settle until the light began to come back into the sky. Finally about 6 am as the sun was rising I was able to send myself to bed.

By Elle ~ Today I woke up before ema. I was very perinoid this morning and freaked out about everything. I told my self I needed to be able to trust myself and nature. I decided to watch the labyrinth which was bad judgement I should have journaled but oh well not much I can do now. There was a spot on the wall that I thought was a centipede but that was just me being crazy and it ended up just being chipped wood on the door. Just as my movie ended ema got up, we got ready and I really didn’t want to do anything alone because I was sure the centipedes were out to get me so I followed ema everywhere. I was still very jumpy and got scared easily. Today ema did a lot of journaling so I didn’t have much to do we were  suppose to water yesterday but never got the chance to, so we were hoping for rain so we could still have a normal schedule. While ema journaled I did some tic tok and tried to talk to her but she didn’t like that, so I kind of just sat there looking at the ocean. When she finally finished hours later we needed to go into town so we packed up and got into the car so we could go to the natural food store. There was the lady there that we usually see, I like her she’s nice. We got breadfruit, starfruit, and these popsicles I really wanted to try ema and we each got one mine was guava flavored, and hers was lilikoi mine was really good we ate them in the car, as we drove back our wish came true the sky had a gloomy look and it started to rain. We were very excited. We were happy until we got on to our land and the skies seemed to be smiling they were so blue, the clouds looked like cotton balls. Ema said “no rain come on to our land!” I got out to do the fence and untie the gate so I could open it for the car to get through. I opened it up and closed it on myself ema said “your closing it on your self” I said “no I’m not” because I was planning to climb through the gate but decided not to. I yelled yes I am. That’s when it stated to pour I was super excited because I wanted to dance naked in the rain and so that’s what I did I wanted ema to do it with me but she was Mooney and she said she will another time when I was done I got dressed and we sat on the porch and talked for a while before going into the kitchen and making breadfruit this was my first time trying it so I was happy and it reminded me of potato’s I really liked them we had mahi mahi with it and pretty soon I was stuffed full, by now it was dark and I was tired after an hour of journaling I went to sleep after taking apart my bed ovcorse.

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