Returning the Uhaul

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By Ema ~ Well, we are back in Michigan. Our return brought an unexpected visit to the hospital for Thomas. It was quite scary seeing him hooked up to all the machines. It is a mystery as to what caused all his pain, and we are still working on getting answers to what is happening to him. He is home again though and for that I am grateful.

I did not get the Uhaul unloaded as planned, but was able to do it the next day and get it returned by the due date. Elle said a final farewell to Theo our trailer.

I just thought I should make a note about my cat also. He has this way of trying to get my attention and opens my closet door repeatedly. Take note that he has not done it once since I have been gone, but sure enough it has begun since I arrived.

My other kitty has been keeping me company as I unpack and organize all. Elle has been enjoying playing dress up with her. She is also liking all the stuffed animals Elle brought home for her to cuddle with.

All the pets are happy to have us home again!

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