Day 35 . Returning to Michigan

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Road trip across America… daily reflections by Ema and Elle.

By Ema ~ I awoke early once again and waited for Elle to rise. We were in Indiana at the first rest stop I had been able to find. I drove until I was beyond tired, on what seemed to be a forever drive. Finally a stop came just after crossing the border from Illinois last night.

We got up had a little breakfast at the van and then used the restrooms to get ready before we moved on.

Elle found a rubbish bin she thought looked sad. She is such a creative, funny girl.

Today was driving, driving, driving, and that was about it. It is our return to Michigan. Our only real stops were for gas. Elle has developed a routine that she washes the windows while I get gas.

There will be much to do before my next travel to care take in Hawaii this September. We are going to try to do a fundraiser in hopes that Elle will be able to join me for such. It has been such a beautiful journey and a blessing to travel with Elle. This was our first journey with just us and it was wonderful to see how we worked together along the way. We are truly kindred spirits. So many people even thought she was my daughter or blood sister as we looked so alike. It must be our spirits shining through, as we are indeed only adopted sisters, but meant to be here for one another, that is ever so clear. I knew the day she came home holding my pinky that she was something special, and I am honored to have taken her back to her home state and to see where we gathered her to become family. She has grown into a traveler this summer and I am grateful to be there to encourage her as she blossoms into a strong, confident little women. I shall treasure this summer always and look forward to the next sojourn. Upon arriving we stopped through for some groceries as there were none in the house after being away so long and settled in for the evening, made a simple dinner of a Kroger brand organic pizza crust topped with pesto, olives, and goats cheese of course! It was then baths and bedtime, as tomorrow will be unloading the trailer to return the Uhaul and organizing all here before I pack and fly onward.

By Elle ~ We woke up and sissy told me we would make it back to Michigan today. I didn’t want to go back, but I got ready just as she told me to. Today was driving. A lot of driving. Today we will see our family once more and we will reunite with our pets. This trip had some great moments from the giant peanut to Prescott, Arizona. We have some great memories and through our cries and laughter, to our pain and joy, we will remember this trip for the rest of our lives. Every moment will forever be in my heart. This trip was amazing!  

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