Day 34 . Driving, Driving, Driving

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Road trip across America… daily reflections by Ema and Elle.

By Ema ~ We were still on the paid road in Oklahoma, and were at the only stop I could find last night. It was a huge parking lot with a McDonald’s and a gas station, so that is where we slept. It was so hot in the lot come morning that I arose very early. Once Elle was up we got ourselves ready for the day at the McDonald’s. We love using our Magic Mud toothbrushes and toothpaste! It makes brushing so much fun!

After we went to the shop and collected a few wooden turtles to bring home to our siblings and mama. Today we drove and drove, working our way back towards Michigan. We stopped at an arch that went over the freeway that I remembered from childhood. There was a restaurant and shops in it that Elle wanted to explore. I was not feeling so well, so we took a few pictures and got going again, but not before Elle got out some of her energy dancing about happy to be out of the van a moment longer.

We arrived Missouri and stopped for a few pictures. Elle of course got some more of her energy out dancing about. We crossed the Mississippi and saw the arch by night in St. Louis, Missouri. I said my farewells to the west as I drove on.

I crossed over into Illinois in the night as Elle slept and stopped just after crossing the border to Indiana.

By Elle ~ Today I woke at 3am and had to pee, so we had to walk to the gas station. McDonald’s didn’t open for another hour. We went to the gas station across the parking lot, which wasn’t much of a walk, but it felt like it. After that I went back to sleep and didn’t wake up till like 11 am. Which was a good sleep, a really good sleep. We got ready and got dressed for today and got ready before leaving. We had at least 7 hours of driving ahead. So we needed to drive, but not before getting some cute little turtle friends and post cards. After driving for a good few hours, we found this cool arch. They had a gift shop and a McDonald’s, but sissy was in a lot of pain so we didn’t go up there. Even though I really wanted to go explore up there. I am journaling. I wish I had listened and just done it when I was suppose to, one a day, because now I have a bunch of entries to do in just a day, which is really stressful. We drove and ended up in Missouri. Now we are driving into the sunset. The colors are amazing pink and blue like cotton candy. I was admiring it when sissy suddenly said I need to photograph your hands. I thought this was funny, we talked about it. Now we continued driving for awhile and ended up in Illinois, but I’m tired. I’m getting very tired and I will be laying down until we get to stop.

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