Day 33 . New Mexico, Texas & Oklahoma

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Road trip across America… daily reflections by Ema and Elle.

By Ema ~ Today we awoke in New Mexico. I was sick the night before and was feeling quite weak today. There were cows passing by where we were parked and they stopped at the fence to moo at me awhile. Elle decided we needed to wear our prairie girl dresses today, so we got ready and were on our way driving once again. We stopped at a little tourist shop to get some salsa and gifts for the boys. Elle’s of course had to get a penny crushed for Route 66.

We crossed into Texas and made it across the state without stopping. Everything had become very flat.

Soon we had reached Oklahoma. It was a place of forgotten farms. I had planned to stay going east and not cut north until Tennessee, but somehow missed that my GPS had directed me to a paid road. I was not prepared and did not have the exact change it expected and there was no one on duty. I found a bit of change and when I got out of the van to see if there were anymore options to pay. Thankfully it was the amount I needed for the road. The next few tolls were interesting to manage as the change machines that did exist only took 1’s and 5’s and I only had 20’s. Somehow we made it through and to the only rest stop that you did not have to pay to exit off the road. I stocked up on change and decided that we would stay there to rest. I parked in the center at the McDonald’s where it was away from the truckers and well lit to sleep. Elle was soon in bed. I am taking time to catch up on my journal and shall join her soon.

By Elle ~ Today I woke up to cows screaming mooooooooooooo at Ema. Moooooooooooo, Mooooooooooooooooo! They were mad because we were parked too close and they did not like that at all.We got ready and I had a granola bar and apple juice. I was really hungry for no reason, I didn’t have much for breakfast. We did a lot of of driving for today. We stopped at a cool touristy place and got Thomas some salsa. I got my penny for my collection. We started to drive. After hours of journaling we made it to Texas. Which was hot in our prairie girl dresses. In Texas we went to Walmart and got some yummy snacks because we were almost out of food. That was when mom called. We talked for a while before getting stuck in traffic. After getting out of that we crossed into Oklahoma. Now we are driving what seems to be an endless drive. I hope we can sleep soon. Journaling all day is tiring and exhausting.

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