My Little Dancer Girl

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By Ema ~ I have been busy unpacking and sorting through all my treasures that we brought home from California. Elle is having fun dancing around the house in one of my old ballet skirts. We are hoping to get her back into dance eventually. She so loves to dance and does so everywhere, just about all of the time.

I found a toy from my childhood that has so many memories attached to it. I am amazed this still exists. Of course when I was little I had an adventure finding her when my Mom and I were traveling and I accidentally left her behind. My mom actually stopped on the side of the freeway and let me trek through the snow back to the exit so I could get her. I remember it feeling like I was climbing mountains going over the snow banks. I was so little it truly is amazing my mom let me return for her. I am grateful she is still here in my life. I am such a sentimentalist.

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