Day 25 . Santa Maria, California

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Road trip across America… daily reflections by Ema and Elle.

By Ema ~ Today is the day that I conquer my past. Many years ago I left storage here with my best guy friend Glenn. He is getting married soon, and his wife to be has asked I come and gather my belongings. I had planned to do this last summer, but due to my health I was unable to make the trip until now. We landed last night with Glenn’s grandma and she offered fresh baked bread and homemade butter to start the day. She also made an Italian dip of oregano, garlic, olive oil, with lemon juice and fresh tomatoes from the garden. It was so yummy, but I could not eat as much as I would have liked, due to my belly sensitivities, but I did probably eat more than I should have. It was good. I am in the garden now and Elle has her in the kitchen cooking up goodies at her request. It has been so kind of them to take us in. There is much to organize for the day, as Glenn will meet me at his sisters where he once lived and most of my treasures await me. As I sit in the garden Elle and Lisa, the grandma, join me. There are many cats and kittens here and Elle is in heaven. Lisa has offered for us to take one that has attached to Elle, but it would be impossible to add a kitten into our van set up, let alone I think my mother may kill me if I bring home an animal with my sister. So we had to politely declined. Elle was sad, but I think she understood it was not the best idea.

We got to harvest some lemons from the tree before we went off to our day. This was Elle’s first time gathering food from nature. She was so excited.

While we waited for Glenn we decided to go over to Waller Park for a horse ride. Elle has been asking to ride horses this entire trip and even those this is just ponies at a park, it will give her a touch of the experience. After riding Elle climbed trees until it was time to go. I had parked in a spot where there was some shade from a tree, but also sand. It is California after all. Unfortunately the van was a little stuck, but thankfully with a bit of effort we were free again and on our way.

We arrived Glenn’s sisters home and waited for him, but after him not showing and it well past our planned meeting I decided to knock on the door. It was so good to see all his family again, especially my dear Destiny who has grown into a young women. Destiny also has a new baby brother that immediately claimed Elle has his baby, even though he is only about two. Glenn never did show today, but his sister and her family took us in. I started to organize what I could. They were grilling and got us some Beyond Meat vegetarian burgers for dinner. It was so kind of them to remember I cannot eat met and to prepare something special for me. Truly touched my heart.

I continued to work and organize what I could, removing my boxes now completely covered in dust from years of storage. Elle helped me so much. I could not have done it without her in the time I did. We managed to get all the boxes out of the storage shed, with another trailer to unload tomorrow. The evenings are moist from being so close to the ocean. Everything was getting wet, so I found some old tarps, stacked all the best I could, cleared any mess and covered all for the night. Thankfully they had offered for us to park in the driveway and Elle has already showered and gone to bed. I was exhausted, but in need of a shower before I could lay my head down. I was so filthy from all the dust that I had black coming even out of my nose. Sorry for the gross details. I was planning to take an old trailer of Glenn’s home to carry my stuff, but with him not showing today, I will call tomorrow to arrange a Uhaul so I can load up, get the last of what I need from Glenn and get us back on the road. Now to rest, for another big day is ahead tomorrow.

By Elle ~ Today I woke up and went outside because sissy was talking with Lisa, so I went outside and found out she has 11 cats, most kittens and 2 adults. I was excited because I love animals. For breakfast I had bread buttered and pancakes with whip cream. It was really yummy. Soon I took a bath and got ready. Once ready I went out to play with the kitties. There was this one kitty that was so pretty, it had blue eyes and was orange. This was the only one that didn’t run away every time I went near them. When I was trying to get another one it freaked out and scratched me right on the hand owwwaaa! I rushed to clean it and got out the alcohol and the neosporne. I was scared I was gonna get sick from it! We left soon after to go to a park near by and I rode a horse names Trixie. I guess the guy saw something in me because he gave me extra time and told me story’s and also told me about a horse riding place in Santa Barbra were you ride up the mountain for free. I was really happy because he was nice. Then I climbed this weird tree that was curvy and slanted, but not because it broke, it went up and then horizontal which was kind of odd, but still cool. That was we had to go because we had to meet Glenn. After waiting we finally went and knocked on the door of Brandie’s. They let us in and I watched tv with Destiny while the adults tried to get a hold of Glenn, but nothing. Soon Brandie’s bf came home and told Ema that the shed was unlocked and she could at least get things out. I was gonna help but every time I tried to leave Gracelin would yell baby baby and chase me to the door and cry. Eventually I snuck away to help sissy and boy did I help! By the end of the day I was tired so I got in the car in the end of the driveway and snoozed away.

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