Day 24 . Arriving California, Mojave Desert

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Road trip across America… daily reflections by Ema and Elle.

By Ema ~ We awoke to a morning swim with Sunny’s family. They were having their cars washed and the man offered to do the outside of mine for a reasonable price. It was in desperate need, after all the driving, so I okayed it and went back to completing my chores to prepare us for the road again. Sunny had offered the laundry, which is always a blessing when on the road, so I was getting all clean before we journeyed on. Elle and Victoria had become quite close and were off playing. Soon it was our moment to say goodbye and we were on our way to California.

We had to cross the Mojave Desert to begin. The trees are very unique and many of them only grow here in the world. I felt a bit like we had entered a Dr. Seuss land. There were so many windmills on the drive. It was sad to see how many sat not working. Made me ponder about the long term viability of this technology and what kind of mark they will leave behind on the land. As we crossed through the last mountain pass before reaching our destination I could catch the scent of ocean on the air. We arrived well after dark at my dear friend Glenn’s grandma house. Lisa got us all set up on her couches and we were straight to bed.

By Elle ~ Today I awoke when Victoria did. She got ready and we headed back to get breakfast. I wanted crepes, but sunny had school work to do and so we got pancakes. On my pancake I had butter and powdered sugar, yum! Victoria wanted shapes so she made shapes, as Talya played Disney music and sang with it. Once Victoria ate she went off to put on her swimsuit, so I was left to clean up their plates and everything else. Thankfully Sunny helped me and in no time I could run off to get my swimsuit too. I swam for a short while with my tail, but not for long because soon I was on my was to the tree with V, but we soon backtracked to make blubber, but there were no recipes online so with what I knew from Gracie, which was water cornstarch and vinegar I attempted. The fail that would soon be blubber or so I thought, but I ended up with obleck instead and when I tried to call Gracie she didn’t answer so I called Meara. When Meara did some research she said she could not find anything and Gracie would not answer for her either so V and I gave up and came to the realization that we were stuck with obleck, but of course it didn’t last long and V had to go and get stuff for school, as it would be starting for her on Monday. So they left and sissy and I had lunch, packed up, and left. We have now been driving for hours and won’t get there till about 10:06pm or at least according to the GPS, but I have no doubt once there I will jump to bed.

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