Day 23 . Las Vegas, Nevada

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Road trip across America… daily reflections by Ema and Elle.

By Ema ~ We woke up and had the pleasure of meeting Sunny’s family before they all headed out to their day. Sunny is my pen-pal from 5th grade. She was also the first person I fly all by myself to visit when I was in middle school. We have not seen one another in many years, but were also roommates once upon a time. This morning she stated me off with some vitamins to hopefully help my body pain and some essential oils to rub on my belly.

Elle an I had a little breakfast and then got our tails and went to the pool for a swim. I wish I had known there was a hot tub last night. So grateful to be able to wake and go straight to the waters. Definitely a mermaid paradise.

Sunny and her kids returned and Sunny made crepes. I did not indulge, but Elle and the kids had fun covering them in powered sugar and Nutella and eating them up!

We decided to stay another night and made plans to go into downtown Las Vegas to the Bellagio and see a water show. Sunny prepared us a dinner of baked Salmon that her husband had caught himself. It was delicious! Once they were back from their evening errands we all loaded up in their van and were on our way to downtown Las Vegas. When we entered the hotel we found a fountain with a unicorn, which made us think of Amelia. There were beautiful displays of a fairy like land. There were even giant lemons made of flowers. It was truly enchanting. I appreciated this, as often in Vegas I feel like everything is so plastic. It was nice to see such effort put into an art display. One room we walked though has glass flowers covering and “growing” from the ceiling. Las Vegas is always unique, I give it that!

We went to a bakery of a world famous french chef. There were so many divine choices that I had not seen the likes of since Paris, but I finally decided on a gluten free chocolate cake and Elle had a vanilla eclair.

After our treat we went outside to see the water show, and the sites of all that Las Vegas is. We actually watched the show a few times, as it plays different songs and has different patterns to the music. Paris was just across the street. If only it were really that easy to get there. It was getting late and some of the little ones were tired, so we made our way back to the van and headed out of the city. I got to sit up front and film, so there will be more to share on our YouTube soon!

By Elle ~ Today I woke up to Sunny telling Victoria to get up. I ended up getting up way before she did even though she had an appointment and then Talya had to go to school. After moments of them getting ready V still was not up and this cycle of V not waking continued for many more minutes, but soon they were all ready and we were waving goodbye. They were scheduled to come back around 11 so in the mean time I made some oatmeal. After enjoying my yummy oatmeal I hung out and soon got ready to swim with Ema. We splashed and had lots of fun for awhile but left to get some food. I had a cheese samich and went off to get some sun screen. Just as I got to my legs done Ema exclaimed, Elle do you want to swim again? I agreed thinking so much for the sunscreen and raced down the stairs. Once there I saw every one and sissy asked me if i wanted to swim with them. Of course I said yes, but before I could run for my swimsuit Sunny was getting out crepe supplies. I’ll admit that I was confused at first, but decided crepes would be a good idea, so I had 2 and went to swim with V in our tails. After our swim we got dressed and entertained ourselves, but nothing lasted to long. Soon Victoria would be off to her open house, so I went and took a shower and got ready as after the open houses we would explore Vegas together, yay! After many many tries i finally got Brenda in a perfect pony and was all clean. I went down stairs but they were not here yet. I entertained myself and soon they were there. They ate and we went down to explore Las Vegas. We went in this room where everything was made of flowers, it was cool. Soon I noticed Sunny and her husband were calling me Ellie. I just went with it. We went to the chocolate shop and had a treat, but we had to hurry to watch the waterfalls. We made it just in time and during the show Hink lost his shoe on a rock so we had to do a shoe rescue and then we watched the water falls. On the drive back I talked with V and we went sleep.

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