Day 26 . Collecting My Past Treasures

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Road trip across America… daily reflections by Ema and Elle.

By Ema ~ I awoke first thing and called to organize a Uhaul trailer to pull, but unfortunately there were none available until tomorrow. I had planned to get their smallest size, but they only had the next size up, but offered it to me for the price of the smallest, so I went ahead and booked the trailer. Originally it was planned that I would pull an old trailer of Glenn’s, but since he did not show yesterday and I had not heard more plans from him I felt the Uhaul was the safest route. He has always been a very reliable friend to me, but this new women in his life has been making the entire meeting next to impossible, even though she is the one that insisted I make this trip here this summer. I am doing my best to not react to her rudeness and just look at our options and get this project complete. Since I did not know any solid details from Glenn except he would be here sometime today to at least pull out the trailer and look at it, I spent the day continuing to organize stuff. Many of the boxes have fallen apart sitting over the years, so I ran to the store to get few packing supplies and upon my return began to transfer what was needed. Glenn did finally arrive and we got the trailer hooked up to the van, but after a good cleaning and getting things loaded like a puzzle, I realized even if it were road worthy, which is questionable, I do not think it will fit all my belongings unless I was to do much more organizing and cleanse what is not needed here, but that is not the plan and being that we cannot stay with Glenn after all, we are working to just get all cleared at his sisters and on the road again as soon as possible. After sitting for many years, I, among others, are not sure it is really road ready, so ideally I will pick up the Uhaul in the morning, get all loaded, and we will begin the return of our trip.

I have not seen Elle most of the day. She was kidnapped by the baby. She deserves a day off after how hard she worked helping me yesterday. It was so sweet having moments again with Glenn’s mom, Celeste. She keeps coming out to check on me and sit with me awhile while I work. She is such a sweet soul. I worked once again until after dark, but the fog was heavy tonight, so I got all covered the best as possible and made my way to bed at about 1am.

By Elle ~ Today I woke up and went inside when inside the baby was excited to see me, screaming baby, baby, and running to me. So I got some mini wheats and had my food while sitting with baby. I had 2 bowls of cereal before stopping and soon Gracelin and his Ma Brandie went somewhere, so I watched some movies and helped finish some watermelon and got ready. Today I was feeling frustrated and mad. It was probably because I am working on weaning off my medicine and its not easy, but I’m working on my emotions and with the help of my family I can do anything. So when ready we headed off to Walmart to get some bins as our boxes were in bad shape and needed to be replaced, so off we went to Walmart. Once there sissy needed to pee, so we had to find a potty, but sis couldn’t find one. Once she did it was closed for cleaning, but sissy begged even going as far as saying please woman to the employee. Once the employee finally agreed sissy was back in no time and we were ready to move on, but we soon found there weren’t a lot of employees in this Walmart, which was funny to me because Walmart’s so popular and they cant get people that want to work there, ha! Then we found 3 employees talking so we asked where the tape and boxes were because buckets were way too expensive, so one of the employees took us back to this messed up isle were it looked like a bad neighborhood and most things didn’t have price tags and the bubble rap was ripped up and sitting on the shelf. We got some boxes, tape, and a tape gun and put it in the cart. Went to get some bread and yummy goats cheese, but they didn’t have it so we had to get cows cheese yucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We only ended up getting boxes and tape and bread and cheese as things we really expensive and were in the wrong place so we thought they were much less than they really were, so we headed back to Brandie’s. Once there Celeste was doing dishes. we did some work and I came in to watch the jungle book and eat my sandwich. The baby came back and we listened to music while Celeste danced copying the moves of the people on the screen. I tried going to help Ema, but the baby was not really gonna let me go, so I spent most of my day with him and soon enough Glenn came. We packed and I got lost in conversation with Destiny. Soon was off too my dreams.

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