Two Step Beach And Dancing

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By Ema ~

I made the long journey south today to Two Step Beach in hopes to see the dolphins and to met my dear friend David. When I lived here ten years ago, this was more my area. David and I lived on the same land. Our pods (homes) were right next to one another. We used to come to this beach for our ritual morning dolphin swims back in the day. Unfortunately today was a little stormy and there were no dolphins to be seen. We decided to stay in the tide pools and shared our stories of the years past and dreams of now and to come. The fish nibbled on us as we soaked.

I did get my tail on for awhile, but was so absorbed in the day, I only got a few photos at the end.

I am so grateful Terry the owner of the land I have been caring for allowed me to come down and find my dear friend. Even with no dolphins it was a beautiful moment.

That evening upon my return Terry got me all dressed up and sent me off to dance at the full moon circle that my goddaughter father had invited me to. I have been to many drum circles in the past, but this one was completely unique as it was held in a mansion on the ocean. There was a grand staircase at the entrance leading to the upper level which was all windows and opened to the ocean breeze. The music filled the space and I danced. There was even a buffet of local foods to feast upon.

It was the perfect was to spend my last night here. Terry dressed me in a white dress of hers and even put some of her jewelry upon me so I would sparkle, and indeed I did! I danced away the night until my heart was content.

My hands were blessed to carry symbols of love upon me, with a promise ring from Thomas, a matching ring to my goddaughter, and Terry’s stars for the night.

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