Coconuts And Sushi

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By Ema ~ The owner is home and I came into town to give her some space this morning and to enjoy a last coconut on the island.

I had a little guest join me as I sat outside the natural food store. All the staff is great there and one of the ladies opened my coconut and even made me a spoon so I could eat the meat once I was done drinking the water.

When I got home Sunny was happily sunbathing in the path. I shall miss her sweetness, yet am looking forward to seeing my pup and kitty soon!

I went out to dinner this night with my goddaughters family at the local sushi place. We all got dressed up but somehow I have no photos of us, just of my food. I am not sure what all it was, but I aimed to try local foods and ordered the ones that looked like something I would not find elsewhere. Both of mine were also vegetarian, so not really sushi in the sense of raw fish, but I did try a few of the other rolls which had some local fish also. It was a sweet moment with them all. I am so grateful to have had this time with them after so long. It cannot be ten years again until I return. I forbid it! I shall somehow manifest my return sooner than later… I feel it!

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