Farewell Hawaii Until We Meet Again

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By Ema ~

My bags are packed and I am ready to go. Well not ready in my heart, but according to my plane ticket it is time. I have had the most wonderful moment here and these last few days getting to know the owner of the land has been an absolute delight. She has been so kind. She feels like a kindred spirit to me. We are leaving early this morning so that we can stop at the resort on the way to the airport and have breakfast together at one of her favorite spots before I fly.

The restaurant at the Hapuna Resort had a fabulous view and we were lucky enough to be there as a traditional Hawaiian boat came in.

After we ate we went for a little wander with the last of my time. I so was being called to the waters for a last swim, but here was not enough time for that unfortunately.

We saw lilies growing, parrots in the trees, and trees with roots that made one wow.

I am so thankful to Terry and her choosing me to care for her home while she is away. Meeting her has been an honor. She said she felt like I could be her daughter, and you know I feel that too. I am so grateful for this connection, even if ever so brief, it was perfect.

I was soon on the plane and on my way across the pacific. I did not feel so well by the time I landed. It seems these days that flying really makes my belly swell and hurt.

My luggage had a rough journey too. It was so bed that the airport replaced it with a new suitcase. Thankfully as I do not think I could have got it out of the airport like that. Two wheels no longer functioned and one was missing completely.

It is good to be back in Michigan with my little loves, Lili and Cali. They are so dear to my heart and I always miss them so when I am away. I am glad they have one another though. They are so sweet.

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