Horses, Mermaids, And More

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By Ema ~ I just love the view from where I am care-taking. Seeing the ocean in the distance makes me happy. I started my day with some fresh fruit and a smoothie. My goddaughter gave me some spirulina to hold me over until I get some of my own, so I added that too.

I can’t wait for the avocado to be ready. I have long missed these while away from the island. This one is actually rather small, some I have found in the past are the size of my torso. I sat out on the lanai and enjoyed my breakfast. I have set up a little drying station also in the yard. There is also a line in the garden, but I did not have too much so decided on a simple setup.

Once I was through with all around the home I got ready to go into town, as I will be gathering my goddaughter today and going to the beach! We started with sharing a rice wrap from the natural food store and a smoothie. It is called Pele’s Dragon and has dragon fruit, banana and coconut. I added lilikoi (passion fruit). It was so yummy! I also looked at some sea salt and kukui nut oil while there. I love salts and collect them from all over the world. I just may have to take this little set home with me.

When we got back into the car there was a little visitor, well actually quite large, even without his tail. I could not catch him, yet thankfully he stayed out of the way while I drove and hopped out at another stop.

Stella and I went to tend to her horse and feed him.

She taught me all about the mixtures and how to prep for the next day.

We made our way to the beach with our tails in hand. I created some reflections of her in her Mertailor tail, that I had sent to her from the mainland. We will have to share them with the Mertailor himself! It was so exciting to finally get to swim together as mermaids!

I feel so honored to finally get to spend time with my goddaughter again. She is truly a kindred spirit and I holds my heart. She inspires complete bliss and happiness in this soul of mine.

As the sun set upon our day, Stella danced in the last of the light. She is so full of magic and delight!

It was a perfect day with my dear goddaughter. One I shall cherish forever!

That night when I got back to the Cedar House I had a little guest. He soon disappeared into the wall, but then another was in the shower with me. I needed to rinse and get all the sand off of me from the beach, so I shined my flashlight on him and he just froze. Thankfully it stayed still upon the wall until I was done. I carried on, got done what I needed, and was soon off to my dreams.

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