Hawaiian Abundance

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By Ema ~

I am so grateful for all the abundance here in Hawaii. There is so much food that grows here you do not find other places in the world. Just think in the grocery stores on the mainland you maybe find a couple different types of avocado, but here there are more varieties than you will find more than likely than in the time of you visit here. The same is true of mangoes, bananas, and so much more!

While at the natural food store I also found more kinds of salt and some different ideas to add to my smoothie including spirulina. I am also very interested in trying golden milk sometime.

I have also discovered the most divine coconut ice cream yet, sorry Coconut Bliss, but there is something about this, my taste buds are in heaven!

The afternoon brought rain and Sunny the cat hid out under my dress while we sat on the porch and watched the storm move over the land.

I got a new shawl from the farmers market that I think will work really well with my pearl tail. I am excited to see the parts comes together!

Sunny and I spent most of the day on the porch. She is such a sweet soul and I feel blessed to be here to care for her.

There are always lots of geckos around and with the night brought out some fun sights including one hanging out on the other side of the window and one that had a pattern I have never seen before, but unfortunately he was also missing his tail.

Sunny and I closed out the night with more time together on the lanai. I love being in a place that is it warm enough to be outside even after dark. Tonight I did need a cardigan, but no complaints compared to places like Michigan. Goodnight world from Hawaii!!!

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