Return To Kona

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By Ema ~ I was so excited to return to Kona today. It has been so many years, but the scent in the air brings back memories as if it were just yesterday that I wandered these streets and swam at these beaches. I have joined my Goddaughters father to do some photos for his real estate company. The house was beautiful and makes me dream of living here once again. There is something about a place where fresh fruit grows from the trees in the garden, and an outdoor shower is normal. Hawaii living is definitely the life for this mermaid. We got the house staged, including moving some furniture around to make it feel more inviting, and fresh flowers and fruit around the house. I had to take three of each position in the house and then they will be sent to a guy who will merge the three images of different exposures to get a perfect shot of indoor and through the windows, all balanced into one image.

After we finished our project we made our way into Kona Town. First stop was to our old hang out at the Kava Bar for some kava, roasted sweet potatoes, and pie. I have missed this pie! It is made from local purple sweet potato and topped with coconut cream. Not too sweet, but just right and so nourishing feeling. It was such a treat to be here again. Nothing has changed after ten years and that is comforting.

I found a posting at the Kava Bar for some mermaid yoga, seems someone else has also had my idea. Love to check this out sometime and see how they are doing it.

Once our bellies were full Jonathan had to run some errands so we decided to meet up again in a bit and I wandered down the shoreline to the market in town. There was one place where I found some of the bowls in the lava. I was told once by a Hawaiian woman that long ago while a women was pregnant the husband would carve a bowl and then once the birth had come the placenta was sent back to the sea by being put into the bowl as an offering and the waves would come and take it back to the waters. I am not sure if this is true, but to me it is a wonderful story, so symbolic. It is such a beautiful site.

At the market I got a fresh coconut and was happy to have my own straw to partake of it with. The large straws are great because once you are done drinking you can use it to scrape the meat from the inside and eat! Yummy!

I also got lots of fresh fruit from the market. The home felt so warm to night with fresh fruit on the counter of the kitchen and plumerias in a vase by my bed.

My goddaughters mother gave me eggs from her chickens, so I am set for a bit. Feeling grateful and happy to be here again.

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