A Hike To The Banyan Tree

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By Ema ~

My Goddaughter came for a visit with her Mother and bought the boxes that I had sent from the mainland. It was so fun to actually get to watch her receive the gifts. That is one of my greatest joys, gifting others. It is one of my love languages. Part of her gift was a unicorn painting done by my dear friend, and children’s author, Serena. We are in the process of formulating doing a book together about a mermaid.

After she opened her presents we went for a Hike down to the banyan tree. It is thought to possibly be the largest on the island and one of the largest out of all the islands of Hawaii. It is quite a magical spot, like a maze growing up from the ground. There is a Buddha sitting in its roots, and a swing hanging from its branches.

Stella had lots of fun swinging from the tree and playing in the river with her pups.

Her dogs enjoyed playing king of the rock in the river.

The view of the house from down in the ravine is beautiful.

When we were done exploring the land we went to see Stella’s horse to feed and groom him. His name is Jazzy.

That night I joined them for dinner at their home. I got to try some local honey wine. It was quite strong more and I could only sip, but appreciated tasting a locally made mead.

My Goddaughters Dad invited me to go listen to some music where he would be playing. I was not dressed to go out into the night, so her Mom dressed me from her closet. I think she did well.

Stella got silly with some more of the gifts she had got today from my packages. She loves the sunglasses my Mom got for her. I was sure to tell her they were from her Godgrandmother. I just love this little one! She has my heart!

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