Goddaughter Stella And A Tour Of Her Mothers Garden

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By Ema ~

I got up and got my chores around the land done and spent some time brushing Sunny the cat and sitting with her enjoying the view. It makes me so happy to awake to my day and see the ocean. I am gathering my Goddaughter and her sister today from the school to have a late lunch before taking them back to their home.

I got to the school early so I could get a good spot under the trees and next to the school so the girls did not have to cross traffic. It is good I got a place under the trees as it got warm while I waited even in the shade.

We went to a favorite place of the girls for some crepes. Stella and I shared a salty one and then a sweet one at the end with ube ice cream on top. We also has some Thai ice tea. It was quite the feast!

My goddaughter’s mother took me on a tour of her garden. They lived on different land last time I was here, so it was lovely to see all they have created since they moved north on the island. In Hawaii the gardens get to grow year round, so it is quite abundant. I love being in a place again that you can grow your own food and have the space to build a more self sufficient lifestyle. I have missed this reality since parting the island ten years ago.

She showed me how she raises fish in the pot of the bowl, which keeps the plants watered and helps with controlling mosquitoes. There are so many beautiful flowers growing due to her love and care of this land.

I wish I had a little tiny home like this in Hawaii. She uses it for her massage practice. The bridge create a private entrance onto the property to the space for her clients. Her husband built it. It is just adorable.

I also got to see my Buddha that I left here so long ago. We placed him under my goddaughters tree house which seemed fitting for him to be a sort of guardian over her while I am away. I just love this Buddha as he is holding a child and I have never seen another like it. I have had him for over 20 years now.

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