A Place To Care Take

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By Ema ~

I am settling into the lovely Cedar House that I will be caretaking for the next few weeks. I am here to tend to the home, take care of the gardens and plants, and to care for the kitty named Sunny. It is really an honor to be in such a peaceful place. There is fruit growing on the trees, and a view of the ocean. I am in heaven. There are two beds in my room. I wish my sister could be here. For as much as she loved Florida, she would fall in love with this place even more I do believe. I hope someday to share Hawaii with her.

The home is so naturally built and open to the elements. Each room is connected by the porch. I think I will end up living out there with the view of the ocean and breeze upon me most of the time.

Even the bathroom is beautiful, and the shower is separate in an partially outdoor room.

The bathtub is indoor in another room and made of copper. I hope to have a soak while I am here. It has a view of the ocean too.

The living room and kitchen are connected and are just a lovely space, but I was surprised to find that there is no oven in the kitchen. I suppose one does not need to bake often in Hawaii. There is also just a drawer for the fridge and a drawer for the freezer. The freezer is already very full so it will be interesting organizing for smoothie goods. Thankfully there is a blender. We are running on solar here and the owner has never used her blender, but has told me to go ahead and try. We shall hope all goes well!

There are lots of items around that make me feel like the owner and I would get on well. She seems kindred. We even own the same broom.

There is a gecko that lives in the shell just outside the front door that peeks out at me every time I go by. Having nature so close delights me.

I shall not get lonely around here. I also have Sunny the cat who is warming up to me quickly, which I am lucky for as she is quite skittish. She is very talkative and likes to be brushed and fed.

After seeing the place in the light and getting settled in, I took a little rest before my goddaughter is to visit.

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