Farewell Keys, to The Coral Castle

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Written By Ema ~

It was time to part the Keys and head north again. I followed my friend and his diving partner up the islands. I was ever so thrilled when we stopped at the Dolphin Center, but it was not yet open and they were on a schedule to get home. We did go in and get some info in hopes to visit another time.

We stopped at the history of Diving Museum and took a tour. I was fascinated with the underwater cameras and dream to someday dive more into that element with my photography and love of water.

After we parted ways I attempted to meet up with my new mermaid friend, but we kept missing one another so I continued north back onto the mainland and found I was right near the Coral Castle, a place I have wanted to visit since I first heard of it. They did not allow video, but I took lots of photos and spoke with them about returning as a mermaid. I got some contact info and will have to connect with them again. If you have never heard of the Coral Castle, do look it up. It was built by one man as a labor of love, done in the middle of the night, completely by hand tools. Some say he knew the secrets to the pyramids and applied this to his building technique to be able to accomplish such feats by himself, as he was a very little man. Whether or not he had some great secret to help him along the way, I would not doubt that love alone could fuel any feat!

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