Surfer Girls At Sebastian Inlet

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Written by Ema ~

Last night I met up with my new friend Amy jo from England and joined her to camp and surf the east coast of Florida. I have not been to this side before and it is beautiful. I arrived just before midnight to camp upon a bay in our vans. There was a pod of dolphins fishing in the moonlight, to greet me upon my arrival. Anytime I see the dolphins I feel like it is a blessing. We awoke a went to find a surf shop that Amy Jo heard of near by and have rented a board from them, as well been offered to stay tonight on the land. We left the vans there and made our way across the street to the beach.

We got our little spot set up on the sand. There were not really any trees to attach Lili, so I was stuck on the beach. Amy Jo offered to teach me to surf, but that will have to wait.

Lili and I watched as Amy Jo attempted to catch a wave. She only got one and of course that was the moment my camera was not on her. I guess the break was pretty rough.

We went to the local fish shop and got some goods to cook up a feast on the fire for our hosts tonight. What a cool spot to be welcomed to land. Sebastian Inlet Surf and Sport Shop is the place to go for all your water sports needs, and great people to set you up to surf! If you are lucky like us they may take you in and keep you a moment!

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