Mermaid In Key West

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Written by Ema ~

We woke up early with plans to beat the crowds to see the marker for the most southern point in the continental United States. There were a few people there at sunrise, but nothing compared to the stories we have heard. We wandered a few shops where I found an adorable turtle tile, but I did not get it. We stopped at a bakery for some breakfast and had some lovely pastries and fresh squeezed orange juice. I had to change my leggings as my fist pair got a hole. I was sad as they are new, but thankfully I had another pair of my Fin Fun leggings in the van.

We made our way over to the beach for our photo shoot. Be sure to check out my Mermaid Soleil site to see more of those moments.

I met a lovely fellow mermaid on the beach today who is here visiting from England. This is the first time I have randomly found another mermaid. She approached me and asked if she could swim with me. I was ever so delighted. You can see more about our meeting and our swim on my Instagram.

I did leave a love rock behind at the beach before we headed back into town to get some dinner. There was a manatee swimming right near us next to the dock. The YouTube video is coming soon! We had a feast of appetizers and some key lime pie.

I was once again ready for bed come the moment. It was a beautiful day and I am feeling grateful to be here and for the gifts of meeting kindred souls, ever so rarely, yet when it happens it is worth the journey! I hope we also got some beautiful photos today in my tail. I got to play in both some Fin Fun tails as well my new Mertailor Skin. It was so much fun to have another mermaid join me! I did get a bit sun-kissed today.

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