Family Trip Day 3 . Tennessee to Georgia

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Written by Ema ~

We got a late start this morning. Decided to get some breakfast at a cafe just across the street from the hotel even if it were nearly lunch time now. I kept it simple and asked if I could bring in my soy yogurt and ordered a fruit bowl to go with it. Our brother Luke was eyeing the neighbors dessert and they were so kind they had one delivered to the table. I ate the cherry, as the rest is off limits for my belly. Our brothers were thrilled!

We made it to Georgia but it was after hours and the center was closed. It was nice to see flowers blossoming everywhere and it is getting even warmer! I love to see Elle reflecting with the camera as I did when I was her age. it is an honor as the eldest to inspire my siblings as I can.

We did not get very far this day. We stopped in Cordele, Georgia to check out a missile we could see from the road and decided to rest for the night.

It was a bit of a trick finding a hotel with availability, but once we did the boys stayed in to shower and play videos games while us girls ran out for some dinner at a Mexican place.

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