Family Trip Day 2 . Kentucky to Tennessee

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Written by Ema ~

We awoke to a warm but very windy day. Once checked out of the hotel we took some reflections out front before we decided to wander the town of Berea, Kentucky and take in its charm.

We were also on a mission to find some breakfast before getting on the road again. We met a wonderful man named Adam at the local cafe. He was so kind and had lots of words of wisdom to share with Mom. His cafe also had the best vegetarian tamales and a yummy jasmine chai.

Before parting south again we stopped through to the artisan center to look at the ever changing art and goods of the area. If you are ever traveling through the area and need a place to rest this is a great stop, no truckers and a cafe as well as the galleries.

We continued south towards Tennessee and stopped at the border for our picture and a little rest before continuing onward.

I have passed an old ferris wheel and some other oddities each time I make this trip down to Florida, so I was happy when I saw Mom begin to exit to go and check it out. These are the kind of things I remember from when I was little and we traveled together. We always stopped to explore, and that spirit has stayed with me through my travels.

Mom loves her old trucks, and she found the world’s longest one! We also got something to eat while here. My family had Subway, but I got out my supplies and made nori rolls with avocado, cucumber, scallions, sunflower seeds, and carrots.

We drove til dark and found a hotel with a pool. It was after hours but the man at the desk allowed us to swim. It was the perfect way to finish our day before a rest!

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