Family Trip Day 1 . Michigan to Kentucky

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Written by Ema ~

We met up at my place and began our road trip from Michigan through Ohio and plan to rest in Berea, Kentucky. This is our first family trip ever out of state, and for Elle, my littlest sister, her first time leaving Michigan since she moved here at a year old. The kids are all very excited to see the ocean, except for our brother Luke who is concerned about the sharks. They have never touched the ocean before. We have decided to take our time on the drive down and stop and see whatever catches our eye. I normally make this trip in 24 hours, but we will actually get hotels and such this time down. Our sister Xena did not join us, but Elijah, Luke, Elle, our Mom and I are ready to go! Mom and the kids will be following Lili and I in their van. So the sojourn begins!

We made a stop at the Ohio border happy to have made our way out of Michigan!

Normally in Berea I just rest at the artisan center, but with the family in tow we headed into town and found an enchanting hotel for a great rate. I had never come into town before and am looking forward to exploring tomorrow a bit on our way out.

We got everyone settled in for the night and Lili and I took back the trolley. It was too difficult to walk her and push it, so she got a ride.

It is already warmer here than in Michigan. I am happy to have my family to journey with. This is a real treat in life! A rare occasion, yet I hope the start of more!

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