Photo-shoot with Friends

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It’s the first day in my new care-taking place, so my local friends Rose and Cassadie joined me to choose tails and come along for a photo-shoot with a photographer friend that I have worked with before. I admit it was a odd day, as the photographer was not in the nicest of moods, to put it all politely. For one he was being rather rough with the models as he adjusted us, which was a surprise. I had never had quite this experience shooting with him before, so I was rather embarrassed by his behavior throughout our time together, but I was also grateful that he took the time to come across the state and bring tails of several sizes for my friends to try. I rarely get to shoot with others, so we were excited to play as mersisters and make art!

I am feeling grateful in general, to be here, and continue to make art while we are able. It is so wonderful to be so close to the ocean!

Rose looked like a Goddess wearing a FinFun tail as a dress. I love the idea! Something to keep in mind for Halloween, since they are open on the bottom you can walk, well at least waddle, in them. It is suggested by the company to pull them up past your knees to be safe while in motion out of the water.

Rose edited a few of the images she captured of me today. More Coming soon of us all!

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