Care-taking the Condo

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By Ema ~ After my photo-shoot this morning I met with the owner of the condo to learn about the place and get the keys and code. I am so grateful to for this spot. It has two bedrooms and the owner has offered for Rose to come and join me, which I am so grateful for. We will get to make lots more art while we are together! There is actually not too much for me to do here, but look over the place, keep it clean, and close it up at the end of my time.

It has a great kitchen which Rose will love after having the crash pad with the surfer boys. There is no yard of course for Lili to run in, but the area is wonderful and we will just have to take lots of walks.

There are lots of elements to make this mermaid happy including a great bathtub and lots of boats.

The view from the balcony is of the ocean and I can hear the waves from the condo. I will indeed be spending lots of time at the table outside working on my art!

There are sign around regarding this virus we are hearing about. I am grateful I have a place to land a moment and can focus on my art and stay warm a bit longer! We shall see how long I stay depending how all this goes with the state borders and such, but for now I am here and grateful.

I met up with Rose later that day to check out the pool and the beach. There was a bit of an issues over Lili as I guess they are not used to having service dogs here, even through it seems everyone that lives here has a dog. I will have to go into the office to bring my papers. This is the first time this has ever been requested. I do not mind providing them with such, but their approach was not kind and quite embarrassing as they made me explain my disability in front of everyone at the pool. Lili was not in the pool, just watching over me from the side with Rose sitting with her, so I was not doing anything wrong, but I guess she is bigger than most dogs around here and just being at the pool got me reported. The way they treated me is technically illegal and I will definitely mention this to the office when I go. They really need to inform their employees on proper procedures. There were some really nice people that were there though and watched over me as I waited for them to make calls and figure all out. After Rose and I went to play on the beach for awhile.

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