Christmas Morning

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By Ema ~ Christmas morning has arrived and I am so excited to have a little one here to share it with. Elle’s stocking is filled, our cookie has been nibbled, and the tree is surrounded in gifts.

Even Lili’s and the kitties stockings were stuffed. Lili was ready right away to see what she had been gifted! She seems to remember what Christmas for her is all about. That jingly sock gets filled with goodies for her!

We started Elle out with some warm jammies, a unicorn onesie, and then opened our stockings! I also got some cinnamon rolls baking.

Elle has been wishing to try some fruit cake and got her wish!

She also got lots of hair stuff, organic candies, and thankfully her own Burt’s Bees Lip Balm, so she does not need to take mine anymore… lol!

Santa brought Elle a lasso to practice her roping and the cowgirl boots she has been wishing for since Hawaii! She was so excited she had to try them on right away. It was a bit difficult to get a picture as she was so bouncy with joy!

Somehow Thomas managed to take a nap through all the excitement. It is true morning hours are difficult for him, as he works a second shift schedule.

Our fur family all seemed to enjoy their presents too! Elle stopped to play with Moshi awhile between opening presents. He was very pleased as this was his favorite toy that broke awhile ago, but we recently found another just like it at the shop.

Elle was so excited to open a cover for her future passport. It is our goal to get her one soon, so that she can travel to Europe with me the next time. Our Mom has the papers and hopefully has begun the process. It is actually quite simple, just a paper to fill out, parents signatures, and an interview at the post office. We are excited about seeing the world together!

I also gifted Elle some wooden utensils for our travels. We like to carry our own and save on the disposable plastic at places while we travel. Our fur family of course were very interested to know what Elle was getting.

She got her own wooden brush. She loves mine and has been wanting one. I figure more bits to being prepared for future travels.

Elle also got a new backpack for our travels. It has horses on it, so can be used for future classes tending the horses too. She has been wanting a new backpack, even though we are homeschooling, they really do come in so handy for her having what she needs on herself as we travel.

A girl can never have too many clothes. She also has been wishing for toe socks since our trip to Arizona this summer, so she now has everyday toe socks to wear and yoga toe socks which have a grip on the bottom. She was so thrilled for both the cowgirl boots went off and and the socks on, and then the other socks once they were discovered!

My little sister also loves her jewelry and I found the perfect bracelet for her with the theme she can do anything she believes and horses, as she proved that to herself when she started working with the 4-H club in Hawaii. I hope this gift will be a reminder to her that she can do what ever she puts her mind, hands and heart into!

She also got a butterfly for her room up north at Mom’s that we found together in a shop recently, to help her feel better about going and staying there. We worked on her room the last time we visited and got this to add. She did not know until know, as it was something she had asked for while we were out Christmas shopping. We got her one to match the theme of her room here too with a globe.

Elle got lots of books to aid in our homeschooling projects about some of her different interests including tending to horses, drawing, calligraphy, ballet, yoga and meditation, and journals to be organized and inspired for this year ahead.

Thomas opened some of his presents too. I gifted him lots of “tools” and journals to inspire him to make the changes in his path that he so desires regarding work and location.

Don’t worry I opened some presents too. I got some gear for my photography and a travel table I have been wishing for. Elle also made me a beautiful note and pop-up card. It brought tears to my eyes. I am so grateful for this little one in my life.

Lili decided to help Elle open presents, or maybe she wanted to play, but whatever it was she decided to let us know she needed some attention too.

Thomas made a big surprise for both Elle and I and gifted us matching new FinFun tails! The ones we got this summer and have been traveling with are starting to show their age. Elle picked out the design, but had no idea we would be getting them. He also got us matching leggings so she was totally perplexed when she opened the second FinFun package, but so excited when she realized what it was. We are planning to do a photoshoot in them soon!

Of course we both got goggles too, which we really needed as somehow we ended up in Hawaii with only one pair this Autumn and it got broken. We will be set for our future swims! We each got two pairs. Elle got ear plugs too so we don’t have to worry about any future ear irritations like what happened one of our last days in Hawaii this Autumn. We are indeed set to carry on our mermaid path!

Elle found the pickle hiding in the tree and got a mini Jenga set, If you know her you know she loves her Jenga blocks and carries them everywhere she goes. Now she has a little one, travel sized!

It was a wonderful morning and we all have lots of new tools to take us into the new year. I am so especially excited for my new table a long wished for part to my van life. Here’s to many more adventures ahead in the new year… and hopefully a very Merry Christmas to you all!

We are on our way up north to our Mother’s today for Christmas dinner and to exchange gifts. Elle is very nervous as she is going to stay a few days, but will return for our New years plans. It is so strange to have such a happy and sad day all mixed into one. The poor child actually has had a count down on the board in her room until Christmas that had a sad face on it. She had been dreading this day with the thought of having to go away. We have grown so close and I too will miss her deeply. I feel for her so deeply. My heart is already aching. I just want the very best for my baby sister! We all deserve to be supported to grow into all we so desire, and to be heard for how we feel. I pray the gifts that she received this Christmas help to carry her into all she dreams and desires to be! I do so love this little lady! It has been an honor to create Christmas with her here. Wishing a Merry Christmas to one and all!

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