Feeling Festive

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A reflection by Ema ~

We were back out to the shops to return a few items and of course got caught up trying on some clothes. Elle found a couple shirts she liked, one a musically shirt that she was thrilled by and a savage shirt, which the word has become a joke between us, and it is warmer for the place we are, so she brought that one home with us. She hopes to one day wear it in France where I was once called a savage for being an American from Hawaii, which is where I lived before I first moved to Paris. She thinks it would be funny to just announce that she is indeed wild!

She is excited for the holiday season and I found her in her room decorating for Christmas and dressed as a cat with a New Years crown. She is quite festive tonight.

Elle is on a mission to stop sucking her thumb and has come up with an idea. She is a clever child. I wish her luck in her endeavor. Good night world.

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