Day 21 . Salt Lake City, Utah

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Road trip across America… daily reflections by Ema and Elle.

By Ema ~ We awoke and explored a bit more of Lava Hot Springs, the town, before we departed. Elle found a willow tree, and as it is part of her name sake we had to stop and do some photos of her with it before getting on the road again.

We made our way to Utah and stopped through Salt lake City. Of course we had to do a quick visit to the temple to show Elle more about the culture of the locals who founded this area as it is today.

I lived there many years ago and it was sweet reminiscing and visiting places from my past. We went to one of my favorite bookstore Golden Braid Books and a cafe called Oasis. They have great food, but decided to go to the local Tibetan restaurant Cafe Shambala, for how often do you find such. I was happy to see it was still there in its original location.

On our way out of town we stopped to get cake from the best bakery in Salt Lake, Mrs. Backers, to bring as a gift to out hosts.

We had found that a friend of the family was also returning from his travels and invited us to stay and meet his mother. The town of Midway, Utah is simply adorable. Swiss influenced in the architecture and full of little shops with character. There was a little farm that looked like a scene from little house on the prairie that we wanted to put our dresses on and do a photo shoot at. We will definitely have to return for there were so many picturesque places. It was wonderful to be with friends again. We sat up by the fire until past 430am dreaming together and sharing all that our paths have held since we were last together. I finally joined Elle in our room. It was so wonderful having an actual bed all to myself. The quilt was actually the same that once once upon my grandfathers bed. It was comforting to crawl in and find my dreams.

By Elle ~ today we woke up and got ready for the day we set  our goal to Jacobs moms house after some driving we made it to salt lake sissy was really happy she said how many memories were coming to her she was really happy then she always is and that’s saying something as sissy’s always happy just to give you an idea of how excited and happy she was she told me stories and just had this glow in her eyes we decided to eat at this place that she used to spend a lot of time at we went to the book shop inside there was so many Indian things it was cool once i looked through the store i found a wooden bracelet and it was so perfect it had to do with keeping a calm home life sissy thought to was perfect for me too so we decided to get it i loved it its so pretty i plan to wear it for the rest of my life after that we found a parking place in the city and walked around for a about  an hour before deciding to leave on our way out i said stop because of a cake place sissy told me had the best cake she actually stoped and went in the parking lot i told her i was not expecting that at all she laughed and we went inside we got some cake for Jacobs mom and i got this beautiful flower cookie it was really yummy then we left to Jacobs moms on the way there were some cute farms and ema wanted to do some cute photos at finally when we made it we were shown our room and and the house they asked us what kind of pizza we wanted to have we didn’t care when she went to get pizza we unpacked and settled in soon she was back and we had pizza and cake and it was yum yum we cleaned up and had a fire i had s’mores and decided to go to bed

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