Day 18 . Snake River RV Park & Amelia the Unicorn

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Road trip across America… daily reflections by Ema and Elle.

By Ema ~ Flies seem to be my alarm these days, or the morning warmth, and today was both. Thanks to having electricity I was able to set up the fan for a breeze, but the fly was insistent, so I got up. Thankfully my arm was in much less pain then the last few days upon awaking, but it is still there, pulling on even the palm of my hand. We really have nowhere to go until tomorrow and the meeting with FinFun, so I decided we mine as well just stay another night here at the Snake River RV Park, which Elle is thrilled about as she will have more time with Amelia. They are quite a pair the little mermaid and her unicorn friend.

On my way to the office walking along the path, I seemed to have stepped on a bee or wasp. I did not see the culprit, and there is no stinger in my foot, but there is a puncture and I can barely put pressure on it. It was a complete mind over matter moment to even continue onto the office. Thankfully our site was still open for today, so the lady booked us, and gave me some ice. A kind elder couple suggested toothpaste and another friend baking soda, so I have applied My Magic Mud toothpaste, as I have no baking soda and my toothpaste has charcoal and clay in it, so hopefully it will help to draw out the poison. So much for getting laundry and such done right now. I will just have to actually take this time to sit and rest awhile. Hopefully the pain will calm some soon and I can be more productive this afternoon.

Elle is off to swim with her friend. It is so sweet to watch them together, sitting in the tire swing, spinning round, and sharing stories. They have returned and are painting love and water rocks. I am getting to move for short times now, but the pain amps up and I have to sit and rest in between. It is hot and dry here. I think I shall swim soon.

My swim did not come until evening, as my neighbor gave me some Benadryl for the swelling in my foot and soon I was drifting in and out of sleep. Elle finally woke me and her friends family had invited us to dinner. I can see how Amelia is such a cool kid. The entire family is full of creative kind souls. After dinner I took the girls swimming until close and then they were off to make s’mores at Amelia’s while I did laundry. They are planning to rise early so they can spend every last minute together. Check out is at 11am and then we will be on our way to meet Fin Fun! I went to check on Elle and get my blanket as I was getting chilly sitting out in the night. Turns out she will be sleeping over there, so I am on my own for the night. I can see their site from here and they will come and wake me when they get up. They have big plans for the campsites pancake breakfast in the morning. 

By Elle ~ Today I woke up and had sissy tell me Amelia had come by. I saw her at the park so I went to the the park to sit with her. We soon went to the van together and sissy told me we were staying another night. I was so happy! We were excited. She told us she had gotten stung when she went to the office. We went to Amelias camp to see if they had ice because the sting was bad and she needed some. They had some ice packs and they let us borrow one. Sissy took some meds that made her tired so she fell asleep. While that I swam, filmed, painted love rocks, looked for flowers, and when she finally woke up we told her we were invited to dinner. She asked for details. We told her to go to Amelia’s camp and ask them. We went of to play more. We swam and it was dinner time so we ate and all talked together for the longest time. After eating I went to the playground. We talked and went to swim, as sissy was taking us. We swam and then we went to make s’mores while sissy did laundry. We watched a movie at Amelia’s and I ended up staying there for the night.

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