Family Trip Day 5 . Spring Hill Mermaid Festival

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Written by Ema ~

A mermaid festival seems like the perfect way to start our first day in Florida. We saw a sign for it last night on the way to the beach for sunset and decided to come and check it out today. There were lots of arts and crafts to see. I found a fire pit that was round and had the ocean as its design. I would so love to sit by a fire in the night next to this. I can imagine just how beautiful it would be lit up. Unfortunately as a traveler items like this just don’t fit into my reality right now. One can dream though, and appreciate the art that it is.

We had a treat of some french macaroons and I got rose, lavender and chocolate. A divine breakfast. The man who made them lived in France for many years and knows what he is doing. It was quite the treat to find in America. We also looked at lots of antiques, which Mom loves and past the appreciation onto when I was little. I found a mermaid accessories maker and fell in love with a crown she made. I am not often drawn to crowns, but this one would not stop calling to me. The artist is a wonderful women and we are going to promote one anther through our arts. She gave me a little discount and I was on my way with the crown upon my head. I really loved all her creations including a top that would have fit Elle perfectly. It is inspiring to see this mermaid movement growing so huge! I also met a merman that had one of her crowns on. We need more guys involved! It is always great to fin mermen along the way and encouraging for our little brother Elijah. He is the merman in our pod.

It was cool to find a live mermaid tank. How I wish I had one! I could just live in the waters! The mermaid asked if she could keep me, and you know I would have happily obliged.

Once back at my aunts Lili made herself at home. She has a new toy horse, as she keeps stealing it from my aunt and so she has finally just given it to her. It is odd for Lili is usually good about what is for her and what is not, but she must really like this horse! She is one happy pup!

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