My Space for a Moment

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By Ema ~ Just thought I would share my space for the moment. It is ocean themed and fitting for this mermaid. When I arrived there was also a room set up for my little sister. It was really sad to come on this trip without her. This is the first trip I have made in almost a year without her by my side.

When we traveled together, we made jars of treasures (shells and such) that we found for our siblings along the way of our journey, so I have begun one for her and am collecting jars to make one for each of my siblings. I have also discovered a song by the same artist that wrote mine and Elle’s song, The Boat Song, and have begun to learn it on my ukulele. I feel it says exactly what I would say to her right now if I could. You can listen to it on YouTube.

For lunch I used up my avocado and tried some new goat/sheep cheese feta on a sourdough english muffin with a dash of cracked pepper and salt. I love anything Greek! It is my dream place to visit someday!

It was a quiet day overall, yet I am enjoying being in the warmth and the company of sweet Archie.

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