Fur Friends

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By Ema ~ I am grateful it is getting warmer each day. The pups had fun playing. Archie brought his ball and we played fetch for quite awhile.

I think Lili wore Archie out as he let her go off playing with sticks while he took a rest in the van. He is getting more and more comfortable with the van life and making himself cozy moving through out the van. I am beginning to wish he could journey along with us. I shall miss him when we are done caretaking here and carry onward with our journey.

My smoothie did not turn out so pretty today with the mix of dragon fruit and spirulina, yet thankfully it still tasted good.

The pups wore themselves out today playing and cuddled up together this evening. They are really so sweet. Grateful to have been here for this moment. They really have become good friends, fur friends!

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