A Little Adventure with the Pups

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By Ema ~ Archie and Lili have become quit close and seem to always both be at my side now. They are so adorable. It is a little warmer today and I was able to wear my long sleeve dress without leggings. Yay for the arrival of spring!

I decided to try for a little adventure to the grocery store with both of the pups. Archie has not wanted us to leave without him, jumping in the van every time I try, so I found his harness and we are on our way all together. Archie loaded up so excited and then settled in for the ride!

Lili and Archie decided to share a seat for the ride back to the house. They are so sweet together. I have often thought of getting Lili a little friend and this moment makes me consider it even more. She loves puppies, or any little dogs. I love seeing them travel so well together.

When we got back to the house I decided to give Archie a bath and brushing. He is looking so fluffy and handsome.

The pups settled in together for the night. Good night world!

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