Sunny Day with the Pups

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By Ema ~ It is a sunny day, but still a little cold, so I am grateful for the long sleeve dress I decided to bring with me. It is new and I am glad it has a purpose after all. I try to fine tune my packing depending on location to keep it to what I will actually need and this dress was questionable, yet I am now grateful to have it!

Lili is loving playing with the many sticks around and sun bathing. Archie has joined us to hang out in the sun also.

I captured a few pictures of Archie and with my Fuji Instax Mini.

I started my day with a mermaid green spirulina smoothie. Basically it is mango, coconut yogurt, coconut water and spirulina.

My dear Aunt Debi sent me with a little care package before I parted Michigan. I finally had a chance to open it. How sweet of her to think of me. Lots of little tools you never know when you might need on the road. She has always been so good to me! I am so grateful for her!

I am grateful when it is warm enough to be outside even at night. The pups have taken over the van while I sit beneath the stars.

We are actually sleeping inside the house even though the van is set up for travel. Lili made herself cozy in our room for the night and was soon to sleep. Good night world!

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