Journey South

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By Ema ~ I have begun my journey South. I left late last night. It has been a little rough with some of my stomach problems and pain kicking in. I often think stress amplifies my issues, and I have to admit it has been very difficult to travel away and leave my sister behind for the first time since we began traveling together a year ago. Something just does not feel right, but I suppose that is very much how I have felt since she went away. I keep telling myself I have to move forward on my path, as I do not know when my mother will let us see one another again, let alone travel together. It seems her jealousy over our closeness has grown too big for her and she has cut us off completely from connecting. I feel that sisters should be close, there for one another, someone you can trust through anything, and count on. Sadly I find as I grow up that for some reason my mother tears apart my siblings if we get to close. It is so heavy on my soul, as the eldest, I want my sibling to always know I am there for them, but that is a challenge when your own mother does not see the same. I pray the time Elle and I were together planted seeds in her to keep living her authentic self and to follow her heart. I feel we are meant to be together, to keep supporting one another, and pray that the day comes sooner than later. I love you dear sister, and carry you always interwoven with this soul. For now I must continue onward with a heavy heart.

I made it to Kentucky and stopped for a little rest, but it got cold and I awoke early in the morning to the windows in the van frosted over. I did not bring my scrapper, as the last time I traveled with it this time of year it was no use, so I sat with the heat on the windows until I could see to drive and made my way into town to get a hot tea. I made my way into downtown Berea and found the cafe that my family and I discovered last year on our trip to Florida. It was good to see our friend Adam again. He runs the cafe and quickly became a friend to us last year. He sends his greeting to my Mom and hopes she is well. I wish she was, and sadly cant give her this message to her unless she happens to read this journal. I am grateful that Adam lets me use my reusable cup. I had a jasmine chai with coconut milk while I warmed and prepared to continue South.

Lili and I continued onward and made our way to Tennessee. We stopped at our usual welcome center for a quick rest. Almost a year ago I was here with my family.

I found the first Circle K I have seen since the journey with my sister this summer. If you don’t know our special story about that you can read more here. I had to stop in honor of her, took a picture, and got gas. Oh where, oh where is my little window washer? Missing you sweet sister, and co-pilot!

With one last fork in the road I made my way to the place I will be caretaking for the next while and got to meet the sweet puppy I will be caring for. Welcome to Florida!

Meet Archie. He is a little old man who lost his Mama a awhile ago and I feel he is very happy to have a women around. He is such a sweetheart. Lili seems a little jealous, but they are getting on well.

I think it shall be a fun moment here. If you want to join us 40 miles out and 80 ft. deep feet at Neptune’s Club, we will be there!

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