Zeedle’s Birthday

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By Ema ~ Our middle sister Xena is turning 19, but she will always be my little Zeedle Bug, love bug. I am preparing a package to send and wanted to get her elements for her birthday to begin building her adult life. I found some items for her future first home of her own. Some storage bowls and kitchen towels to match with the theme of Love Bug. I also painted her a lady bug to match, as well as a letter on the typewriter of my love and hopes for her. For her treat I added some organic strawberry milk, as when she was little she told me all about how pink milk came from pink cows… and then one day I found them while living in Normandy, France. Cows so white they were actually pink. It is a sweet memory and the gift seemed fitting. Happy Birthday, Zeedle Bug, Love you always!

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