Elle Is Back

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By Ema ~ Elle is back and I am so happy to have her here again. We are getting ready for our big New Years Eve outing. This will be her first New Years going out! She got a dress for Christmas from Mom, so we are getting all the parts together for the celebration. I have a purse I got in Portugal, as well a beaded piece for her hair, and a bracelet for her to wear that all match the dress perfectly. We even found a silver New Year crown in my dress up drawer. Something I bought for her last year, but did not get to see her on that night after all. I am glad it finally has a purpose.

I actually stayed up north at a friends house near my Mom’s last night so I could pick up Elle early. We made our way all the way from Cadillac to Flint to meet our Cousins and Aunt again to see another show at the Planetarium and go to dinner. It was Lili’s first time attending a theater. She was a bit confused at first when the lights went out, but did really well at my feet until the end when they played a virtual roller coaster. She was not sure what to think and with everyone screaming ended up burying her head in my lap. It was really great to see my cousin Lindsey this time and have a chance to sit at dinner and chat. I am so grateful for the family I have, but feel I never see them often enough. I suppose it makes me cherish the moments we do have even more.

Elle was happy to be back at the house and get to try on her new mermaid tail. We did not have time on Christmas morning, as we had to travel the couple hours north to join our family for Christmas dinner and then Elle stayed there for a couple days. Moshi was also so happy to have her here again and was right by her side.

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